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HEALTH INFORMATION AMBASSADOR PROGRAM AT SHARP MEMORIAL HOSPITAL JACKIE DAVIS, MLIS Volunteers and Staff A set of behavior standards and must haves Integrated into everything we do and brings it to life. PATIENT FAMILY CENTERED CARE TEAM PFCC model of care: - Partnership between health care providers and patient - Families have important role in healing 4 CONCEPTS FOR PATIENT FAMILY CENTERED CARE Dignity and respect Information sharing complete, accurate for partnering in their own health and decision- making Participation Collaboration PLANETREE DESIGNATION the Planetree Designation Program TM is the only program to formally recognize excellence in patient- and person-centered care across the continuum of care FLOWCHART OF HEALTH INFORMATION AMBASSADOR Patient/Family Information Requested 1. Beginning of Volunteer Shift 2. Check in with Health Library 3. Begin Rounding 4. Fill out request form from patient, family, health professional 5. Deliver requests to Health Library in OPP 6. Deliver filled information request to Patient Room 7. Fill out online log and debrief with Health Librarian Volunteer Training INFORMATION REQUEST FORM The Community Health Library - Your Partner for Health Education and Wellness If you are living with a new diagnosis, would you like to gain more understanding of your current condition? Would you like more information on how to live a healthier life? Our team of professional health librarians are prepared to assist you and your loved ones with any of your health education and wellness needs. Please complete the form and the team will begin working for you to address any information needs on health topics for you or your loved ones. NAME____________________PHONE________________DATE____________ I prefer to get the information through Mail address _________________________________________________ address ________________________________________________ Hospital room number____________ Pick up at the Cushman Health Library in the Sharp Memorial Hospital Outpatient Pavilion 3075 Health Center Drive, First Floor, San Diego Health topic (Be as specific as you can -- do you want us to find general information, diagnosis, causes, treatments?) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Language preference __________________ Please submit your request through your nurse,fax Text 1-(858) MED-EASY. You may also reach us by phone at Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am 6:00pm NumberResponse DateOther (please specify) 1Aug 30, 2012Chinese 2Aug 27, 2012Tagalog 3Aug 23, 2012Arabic 4Aug 13, 2012Vietnamese 5Aug 3, 2012Russian 7Jul 19, 2012Chinese 8Jun 8, 2012Arabic 9May 17, 2012Vietnamese 10Feb 21, 2012Vietnamese 11Oct 12, 2011Tagalog 12Sep 12, 2011Korean NETWORKING 26 Healthcare organizations have requested more information! CHALLENGES 1. Volunteers get sick, take vacations, students have finals 2.Staff new staff per diem staff level of comfort of experienced staff QUALITATIVE MEASURES Quotes ~ A patient was so grateful for our health information service because she didnt really understand much about her condition and didnt have family around to help. She also really appreciated the time I spent with her. CONTACT INFO Jackie Davis, MLIS (858)


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