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  • He, came, he saw, he left By HEATHER WALKER

    minister Pat McGeer attended only one hour of an all-day meeting held here Monday between his department and 30 student repre- sentatives from different B.C. colleges and universities.

    McGeer left the meeting, which began at 10 a.m., a t 11 a.m. to attend a cabinet meeting. While at the meeting, McGeer presented a brief history of the education departments funding situation and then professed to answer questions put to him by student representa- tives.

    McGeers answers were repetitions of earlier statements in some cases and refusals to com- ment in others, but he provided no new information.

    Asked by UBC representative Dave Van Blarcom if he was op- posed to student representation on university governing bodies, as he

    VICTORIA - Education

    RCMP make beer night drunk busts

    By TED DAVIS The arrest of three students for

    drunken and disorderly public behavior following a recent commerce students beer night underscores the problems faced by local RCMP members in dealing with campus liquor functions.

    The three students spent four hours in the Vancouver city drunk tank after being picked up outside commerce hut 27 following a first year commerce beer garden

    Corp. Dave Patterson, tem- porarily in charge of the university RCMP detachment, said Monday the students were picked up when a routine patrol noticed a drunken crowd outside the building swearing and shouting obscenities.

    He said the two constables arrested the three rowdiest students.

    ,ls far as university is con- cerned, it wasnt an out-of-control crowd, one of the students arrested said Monday.

    The three were driven outside

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    He said the police would rather intervene only where excessive rowdyism is permitted or con- doned.

    One of the three students

    letter From page 1

    means" and to draft a reply to Vander Zalm.

    Mossop said Vander Zalm's fourth point referred to a case in which a woman, with the help of a society lawyer, is appealing the Unemployment Insurance Act which states that a woman may not receive UIC benefits during the last eight weeks of pregnancy and the six weeks following pregnancy.

    He said the woman, and society lawyers, are contending that although pregnant the woman was able and willing to work and thus qualified for UIC.

    Massop said the case was heard Monday and the judge reserved decision.

    Of that case, Vander Zalm wrote : "If thereis an overpayment of benefits, how in the world can we directly or indirectly be paying a lawyer to fight for someone who has been overpaid?"

    Mossop said the society obtained a copy of the letter from an unidentified source a few weeks ago.

    arrested alleged unfair and brutal treatment by the RCMP constables and said he thought they kneed another of the students in the groin.

    Patterson however could not confirm this and said no official complaint had been made to him. He said he told the three at a later meeting how to proceed with an official complaint.

    He said the three arrests were made after the students were ascertained as being in violation of the law, and the constables were permitted- by law to use any necessary f o r c e in order to protect themselves or police property.

    He said the student concerned had continued to be abusive and destructive while in the police car, even after the constables and the other students told him to control himself, and the constables probably feared he might smash one of the windows of the car.

    Patterson led a raid on Totem Park residence in November that was called improper by housing officials because police entered private rooms.

    An unofficial inquiry by detach- ment head Sgt. A1 Hutchinson was launched but the results have not yet been released. Patterson described the raid as "a question of misunderstanding of local policy."




    AMS Student's Court is the final arbitrator of any student's, club's or undergraduate society's disputes with one another or with the AMs. Members of the court meet when required. The term expires in Sept., 1977. Any interested persons please leave your name, student number and phone number with the Secretary of SAC, Room 248, SUB by Friday, January 21.

    John Swainson, Secretary-SAC.




    2244922 - 224-91 16 -- -

    T H E U B Y S S E Y Tuesday,

    Women's Intramural Program Schedule of Events 1977



    Basketball Friday (for second term)

    Monday Dec. 3

    Double Jan.10-Jan.24

    7:30 - Memorial Elimination 9:30 Gym

    Ice Hockey League (for second term) Fun Hockey League (for second term)

    Dec. 3 Friday Thursday Leagues

    Jan.13-Feb.24 7:30 - Winter Sparts 9:30 Centre

    Dee. 3 Friday Thursday

    Jan.13-Jan.27 Recreational 7:30 - Winter Sports

    9: 30 Centre


    Bowling League

    Friday Wednesday Jan. 14

    Double Jan.19-Feb.9 Elimination 7:OO

    Jan. 21 Friday Tuesday Leagues 7:30 - SUB Bowling

    Feb. 1-15

    5:OO - GymA

    9: 00 Lanes Volleyball


    Friday Monday Feb. 14 Feb. 7-14

    Friday Saturday Double All Feb. 18 Feb. 26 Elimination Day Centre

    Winter Sports

    Leagues 7:30 - Memorial 9:30 Gym

    Soccer Feb. 18 Friday Thursday Double

    Feb.24,Mar. 3 12:35 Memorial

    Elimination Noon Field

    * Racquetball Tournament

    Monday Tu=.-Thurs Double 5:oo - Winter Sports Feb. 28 March 1-3 Elimination 9:00 p.m. Centre

    * Sign up on posted schedules outside the Intramural Office. ** Check drawsheet in Office for your starting times

    Co-Recreation Ski Trip to Whistler



    Ski Trip to Cypress Bowl & Hollyburn (Downhill or Cross Country)

    Ski Trip to Cypress Bowl & Hollyburn (Downhill or Cross Country)

    Badminton (Doubles)


    Ski Trip to Cypress Bowl & Hollyburn (Downhill or Cross Country)


    Ski Trip to Cypress Bowl & Hollyburn (Downhill or Cross Country)


    Spring Football

    Ski Trip to Whistler


    Spring Golf Tournament

    Wednesday Jan. 19

    Drop in

    Drop in

    Wednesday Jan. 26

    Wednesday Feb. 2

    Drop in

    Friday Feb. 4 Wednesday Feb. 9

    Drop in

    Wednesday Feb. 16

    Drop in

    Friday Feb. 18

    Wednesday Feb. 23

    Drop in

    Saturday Jan. 22

    Thursday Jan. 20

    Thursday Jan. 27

    Saturday Jan. 29

    Saturday Feb. 5

    Thursday Feb. 3

    Saprday Feb. 12

    Saturday Feb. 12

    Thurs. Feb. 10

    Saturday Feb. 19

    Thursday Feb. 17

    Tues Mar. 1 Fri. Mar. 11

    Saturday Feb. 26

    Thursday March 3

    Sunday March 6

    Intramural Program CANCELLED

    7:30 p.m. Memorial Gym

    7:30 p.m. Memorial Gym - 9:30 p.m.



    7:30 p.m.

    1O:OO a.m. . 6:OO p.m.

    Memorial Gym



    7: 30 - 9:30 p.m.

    Memorial Gym


    7:30 p.m. Memorial Gym

    12:35 Noon

    Mclnnes Field


    7:30 p.m. Memorial Gym

    1:00 p.m. Golf Course University

    2. GOLF TOURNAMFNT: Men and wnrnon ac a tnarn - nlav tho c a q e ball alternatina shots. 1. SPRING FOOTBALL - FLAG FOOTBALL: 4 men and 4 women make a team, OB must be a woman. 3. SIGN UP ON POSTED SCHEDULES OUTSIDE THE INTRAMURAL OFFICE - Rm. 202 -War Mem. Gym " ~ -" . " ..". . ._ " I "I... r.-., ...- "".,

    Men's Intramural Program Pre Regihration for Second Term Hockey




    * Badminton Tournament

    Friday Nov. 26

    Thursday Jan. 6

    Evenings TWSC

    Friday Jan. 7

    Friday Jan. 7

    Jan. 7 Friday

    Jan. 28 Friday

    Monday Jan. 17

    Tuesday Jan. 18

    Wednesday Jan. 19

    Sat. & Sun. Jan. 29, 30


    7: 30- 10:30 p.m.

    Evenings & Noons

    10:30 a.m. - 4:OO p.m.

    G y m A & B

    S.U.B. Lanes

    Memorial Gym

    Memorial Gym

    Wrestling Jan. 27 Thursday Weigh-In

    7:30 p.m. Bout Start

    Memorial Gym

    8:OO p.m.

    Curling Bonspiel

    Friday Sat. & Sun. All Day Jan. 28 Feb. 5 & 6


    * Snooker Tournament

    Rugby Tournament

    Track & Field Championships

    Hockey Finals

    - Nitobe Basketball Tournament

    Feb. 11 Friday . Sat. & Sun. All Day

    Feb. 12 & 13

    Friday Feb. 25

    Sat. & Sun. March 5 & 6


    Thursday 12:35 March 3 Noon

    Thursday As Scheduled March 3

    Mon. - Thurs. March 7 - 10

    As Scheduled

    S.U.B. Games Area

    Thunderbird Park

    Harry Logan Track


    Memorial Gym

    * Sign up on posted schedule outside the Intramural Office - Room 308 War Memorial Gym ** Check the posted schedule outside the Intramural Office - Room 308 War Memorial Gym 1. Please note al l Ski Trips are CANCELLED. 2. Registration for Men's Volleyball, Bowling and Basketball may sti l l be possible after registration deadline date.

    Please contact Men's lntramurals office.

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