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<ul><li> 1. Summer Internship ProjectSubmitted By:Anurag DuaMBA (G) 2008 A0101906052</li></ul> <p> 2. Project Title:To Study the Comparative Analysis of HCL with Other BrandsIndustry Guide: Mr. Vijay P Regional Manager, HCL Infosystems Ltd. Faculty Guide: Ms. Garima Malik Faculty, ABS - AU 3. Objective of the Project:To know the current Market Share of theHCL.To know the perception of HCLs laptops &amp;desktops in mind of computer dealers.To know the Brand Recall value. 4. Research Methodology:Research Design: Descriptive researchType of Data: PrimaryResearch Tool: QuestionnaireData collection method: Face-to-face interviewSample size: 152Sample Unit: Computer DealersSampling method: Simple Random Sampling 5. Sampling Area: Mumbai and adjoining areas. A totalof 18 areas. 6. Key Findings:The type of business computer dealer are serving in is predominantly of ITApplications. Out of the total 152 respondents, 109 serves the ITapplications which constitute 71.7% of the total while 25 i.e. 16.4% dealsin both IT applications and Consultancy. Only 18 out of 152 respondentsi.e. 11.8% serve the Small-Medium Enterprises.120What type ofbusiness you are serving100 ITApplicationsSME80ITapplicationCountand60Consultancyboth4020 0 IT Applications SME IT application and Consultancy bothWhat type of business you are serving 7. Majority of the computer dealers promote the HP-Compaq brand. Out of the 152 respondents 71 promote HP-Compaq brand constituting 46.7% of the total. HCL occupies the second spot as 36 out of 152 dealers promote HCL brand making 23.7% of the total. IBM-Lenovo comes to third position as 23 out of 152 dealers promote this brand and it makes the 15.1% of the total. Other brand which includes Acer, Zenith, Wipro, Fujitsu etc. makes a 14.5% contribution with 22 dealers supporting them.80 What brand you promoteHP-CompaqHCL IBM-Lenovo60OthersCount4020 0 HP-Compaq HCLIBM-Lenovo Others What brand you promote 8. Majority of the dealers serve the B2C segment. Out of the 152 dealerssurveyed 93 of them serve the B2C segment which contributes to 61.2% ofthe total. 54 out of 152 dealers serve both B2B and B2C segment which hasa 35.5% contribution to total. Only 3 and 2 respectively out of 152 dealersserve the B2B and B2G segment respectively.100 Which segmentyou serve the80most B2B B2G B2C60 B2B and B2CCount both4020 0B2BB2GB2C B2B and B2C bothWhich segment you serve the most 9. The customer preference while purchasing a desktop or laptop is governed by the price &amp; configuration both. Out of the 152 dealer surveyed, 71 dealers agree that customer prefers price as well as configuration while making a buying decision and it makes a contribution of 46.7% of the total.54 dealers i.e. 35.5% agrees that for customer price is the key decisive factor while making a purchase. 23 dealers i.e. 15.1% agrees that configuration is a decisive factor in purchasing while only 4 dealers i.e. 2.6% give preference to aesthetics.80 What is thecustomer preference whilepurchasing a60computer Aesthetics ConfigurationCount Price40 Price and Configuration both20 0Aesthetics ConfigurationPrice Price andConfiguration both What is the customer preference while purchasing a computer 10. Majority of the dealers are associated with Redington India Ltd. As their distributor of laptops and desktops. RIL is distributor to 64 dealers out of 152 and it makes a contribution of 42.1% of the total. Ingram Micro India Ltd. (IMIL) is distributor to 48 i.e. 31.6% dealers. SES is distributor to 25 i.e. 16.4% dealer. Also there are 15 i.e. 9.9% dealers which are attached to both RIL as well as IMIL.70 With whichdistributor you are attached60IMIL RIL SES50 Both IMIL and RILCount40302010 0 IMIL RILSES Both IMIL and RIL With which distributor you are attached 11. The monthly turnover of the 67 dealers out of 152 is below Rs. 5 lakhs and it makes 44.1% contribution of the total. 66 i.e. 43.4% dealers have their monthly turnover between Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs. There are 15 i.e. 9.9% dealers which have their monthly turnover between Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs. And only 4 dealers have their monthly turnover more than Rs. 25 lakhs.70What is your monthly turnover60 Below 5 lakhs 5 to 15 lakhs50 15 to 25 lakhs 25 lakhs and above40Count302010 0 Below 5 lakhs5 to 15 lakhs 15 to 25 lakhs 25 lakhs andabove What is your monthly turnover 12. The perception regarding HCL in the mind of computer dealers is not thatgood. 100 out of 152 dealers i.e. 65.8% of the total dealers perceive HCLproducts to be high priced. 28 out of 152 dealers i.e. 18.4% perceive theirproduct as value for money. 20 out of the 152 dealers perceive their productas technology driven while 4 dealers perceive their products as both valuefor money as well as technology driven.100What is your perception aboutHCL80 Value for money High price Technology60 drivenCount Value for money and technology driven4020 0Value for money High price Technology Value for money driven and technology drivenWhat is your perception about HCL 13. Majority of dealers doesnt promote any product of HCL. Their count is105 out of 152 i.e. 69.1% of the total. It is because of the bad marketingand limited promotional activities. 22 out of 152 dealers i.e. 14.5% of thetotal promote the laptops of HCL while 6 dealers promote the desktops ofHCL. There are 19 dealers i.e. 12.5% of the total who promotes thedesktops as well as laptops of HCL.120In HCL which product lineyou promote100Desktops Laptops Both80 desktops and laptopsCount None604020 0 DesktopsLaptops Both desktops Noneand laptops In HCL which product line you promote 14. The services of HCLs desktops &amp; laptops are also not good. 56 out of the 152 dealers i.e. 36.8% of the total consider services of HCL to be bad. 43 dealers i.e. 28.3% of the total consider its services to be average. Only 15 out of 152 dealers said that services of HCL are good. While 38 dealers cant opine on the services.60 How do yourate the HCLservices Good50 Average Bad40 Cant sayCount302010 0GoodAverageBad Cant say How do you rate the HCL services 15. Out of the total 152 dealers surveyed 41 dealers i.e. 27% of the total likes tobe associated with HCL in the future. 30 dealers i.e. 19.7% of the totaldoesnt want to be associated with the HCL in future. While majority of thedealers i.e. 81 cant opine regarding the association with HCL in the nearfuture.In future would100you like toassociate withHCL80YesNoCant say60Count4020 0 YesNoCant sayIn future would you like to associate with HCL 16. Recommendations:Recommendations for further improvement of HCL are:Improve the post sales services.Low down the prices as compared to other players in themarket.Provide all the driver software and related utilities on thewebsite of HCL.Increase the promotional activities so that it helps inenhanced public awareness.Improve the salesmanship.Salesmen and distributors should visit the dealers shopsfrequently.Introduce new and cheaper product lines. 17. Obstacles during the Project:Professional Obstacles:* Dealers were not too co-operative during the survey.* Company staff was not fully co-operative.Personal Obstacles: * Hot and humid climate. * Heavy rains. 18. Learnings of the ProjectProfessional learnings: * Enhanced time management. * How to deal in market. * How to get absorb in company culture.Personal learnings: * Effective communication * How to work in a team. * How to control aggression. 19. Thank You </p>