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High Country Magazine April 2016


<ul><li><p>April / May 2016 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e A </p><p>APPALACHIANMOUNTAINPHOTOGRAPHYWINNERS</p><p>READYfor</p><p>Summer?</p><p>IN THIS ISSUE: ET &amp; WNC Train Journey 17 Year Old Soccer Star Mega Construction Novelist Leigh Ann Henion The Avery FFA &amp; Gwen Clark High Tech Guys Go Big</p><p>This Year's </p><p>Thanks For Reading Us - Here's Our First of Six Issues For 2016</p><p>INSIDE:</p><p>Volume 11 Issue 4April / May 2016</p></li><li><p>B H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e April / May 2016</p><p>D I A N N E DAVA N T, A S I DM A R G A R E T H A N D L E Y, A S I D PA M E L A M C KA Y, A S I D P R I S C I L L A H YAT T, A L L I E D A S I D</p><p>B A N N E R E L K , N O RT H C A R O L I N A 8 2 8 . 8 9 8 . 9 8 8 7P O RT S A I N T LU C I E , F L O R I DA 7 7 2 . 3 4 4 . 3 1 9 0</p><p>W W W. DAVA N T- I N T E R I O R S . C O M</p><p>DI A NNE DAVANT &amp; A SSO C I AT ESEXCELLENCE BY DESIGN SINCE 1979</p><p>DI A NNE DAVANT &amp; A SSO C I AT ESEXCELLENCE BY DESIGN SINCE 1979</p><p>Ken's Magazine 2_Ad 6 3/8/16 4:45 PM Page 1</p></li><li><p>April / May 2016 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e 1 </p><p>ADVERTISERS</p><p>Is fi nding the right mortgage one big BRAIN TEASER?</p><p> Mobile Banking Checking / Savings / CDs E-Accounts</p><p>Few things are as exciting as a new home.Some would tell you that few things are as complicated as a new mortgage. We work withour customers to keep the process simple. A great rate is just the beginning. Our loan offi cers do not receive commissions; their responsibility is to helpyou get the right mortgage with no surprises or hidden fees. On top of that, we never sell or transfer your mortgage. So the same team that helped inthe beginning is available to help down the road.We can help you put all the pieces together.Give us a call and see how easy it can be.</p><p>facebook.com/PiedmontFederalSavingsBank</p><p> Home Mortgages (Serviced here / not sold) Online Banking</p><p>At Piedmont Federal, we specialize in a home loan process with NO SURPRISES.</p><p>828.264.5244 | piedmontfederal.com MEMBER FDIC2016 Piedmont Federal Savings Bank1399 Blowing Rock Road, Boone, NC 28607 </p></li><li><p>2 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e April / May 2016</p></li><li><p>April / May 2016 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e 3 </p><p>Vilas, North Carolinapremiersir.com/id/LUAC011216IHE</p><p>828.414.9400</p><p>Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.</p><p>RUSTIC RETREATS</p><p>PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM</p><p>Contact us today for a consultation on how your home can be marketed in the Carolinas and around the world.</p><p>Asheville | 828.277.3238Banner Elk | 828.898.5022 </p><p>Blowing Rock | 828.414.9400Charlotte | 704.248.0243</p><p>Lake Norman | 704.727.4170Linville Ridge | 828.898.5151</p></li><li><p>4 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e April / May 2016</p><p>C O N T E N T S</p><p>26</p><p>36</p><p>46</p><p>56</p><p>66</p><p>Sharing the History of TweetsieMost who live in the High Country today know little to nothing about the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad, although it's an important part of the area's history. Find out what one local man and his peers are doing to share it's story with the folks who now call these mountains home.</p><p>From Ashe Rec to the UNC PitchWhen Brooke Bingham was 11 years old, she had never played soccer before. However, she was athletic and passionate. Next year, this Ashe County teenager will play for the legendary Anson Dorrance and his fabled UNC womens soccer program. </p><p>A Wanderer of WondersLeigh Ann Henion, a gifted writer based in the High Coun-try, renewed her spirit when she decided to travel to different parts of the world and observe some of earths most dazzling natural phenomena. Based on those trips, she recently pub-lished her first book, Phenomenal: A Hesitant Adventurers Search for Wonder in the Natural World."</p><p>Nurturing the Next Generation of FarmersOver the past 30 years, Gwen Gentry Clark has taught hundreds of students in agriculture and horticulture classes, in addition to being the areas Future Farmers of America advisor. A native of Yadkin County, Clark initially planned to teach at Avery High School for one year, but she fell in love with the area and a man named Dee.</p><p>Silicon HollarWeve all seen Shark Tank and heard the term venture capitalists, which usually refers to some entrepreneur scout in Silicon Valley. But Startup High Country? This is a newly formed business along those same lines in the mountains of Western North Carolina.</p><p>on the coverTodd Bush Alone for some soli-tude while backpacking a favorite and incredible section of the Appalachian Trail, approaching Hump Mountain in Avery County, sky condi-tions were completely socked in just before sunset. Storms were kicking around and it was a little worrisome being atop one of the regions high balds in these conditions. But it was lovely, moody and mysterious at the same time. Sud-denly clouds parted just long enough for one or two shots for this image, then blindingly thick mist took over again and night fell swiftly.</p><p>4 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e April / May 2016</p><p>Visit www.bushphoto.com</p><p>56</p><p>66</p><p>36</p><p>46</p><p>26</p></li><li><p>April / May 2016 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e 5 </p><p>Custom Homebuilding</p><p>HomesTimber FrameTrussesShopBuiltTMPanelizedWall SystemsTimber Frame</p><p>High CountryTimberframe and GalleryWoodworking828.264.8971www.highcountrytimberframe.com</p><p>High Performance Housing! High Performance Housing! We Build </p></li><li><p>6 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e April / May 2016</p><p>By April, our friends off the mountain are enjoying the signs and warmth of summer with greening trees and blooming flowers. Up here in the moun-tains, we're still waiting on spring. Although this year the month of March teased us with a string of warm days with higher than normal temperatures, the weekend of April 9 reminded us that cold weather is not done with us yet. The High Country saw snow showers and temperatures reaching in the teens that weekend! The flowers that did blossom during that warm spell are pretty much all shriveled up now.</p><p>While it seems it takes forever for summer to get here in the mountains, at our office, we are reminded daily that summer is not far off. We are already receiving a number of emails from towns and organizations that are busy gearing up for their summer events.</p><p>And thats got us busy here at High Country Press Publications, as we, too, are getting ready for our summer publications. Well have three issues of our High Country Magazine coming up for summer kicking off with our June issue, which is our annual Welcome Back Summer Residents edition. Were also working on our summer Visitor Guide, which helps our summer visitors get the most out of their stay in the High Country. Were also working on a new publication for this summer called Home Magazine that celebrates home ownership and all the projects that come with it.</p><p>Our sister publication, HCPress.com, a daily online local newspaper, is perhaps the best way to keep abreast of all the summer events coming up on the mountain. Not only do we constantly update our site with the latest news information, were always publicizing upcoming events by announcing them at least two weeks out and publishing reminder stories leading up to each one.</p><p>Whether youre hunting for live music, weekly concerts, gallery openings, art festivals, dinner specials, outdoor adventures, summer camps for the kids, family friendly activities, holiday programs or more, youll find everything you need to know this summer in one convenient place HCPress.com.</p><p>So if youre not a regular reader of our website yet, come check us out! We al-ready have thousands of folks coming to our site everyday. Its easy to read new stories are posted to the top of the page, and you can scroll down the front page to see all kinds of news, events and features. Youll be amazed at what you can learn about whats going on in the High Country.</p><p>So summer is on the way . . . Im looking forward to putting away my hats and gloves for the season and look forward to being at the Jones House for its weekly Concerts on the Lawn series!</p><p>A PublicAtion ofHigh Country Press Publications</p><p>Editor &amp; PublishErKen Ketchie</p><p>Art dirEctorDebbie Carter</p><p>AdvErtising dirEctorJeffrey Green </p><p>contributing WritErsJesse Wood</p><p>Jessica Isaacs </p><p>Kate Cahow</p><p>Katie Benfield</p><p>Allison West</p><p>Tim Gardner</p><p>contributing PhotogrAPhErs Todd Bush</p><p>Peter Morris</p><p>Reproduction or use in whole or part of the contents of this magazine without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Issues are FREE throughout the High Country. 2016 by High Country Press. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>High Country Magazine is produced by the staff and contributors of High Country Press Publications, which serves Watauga </p><p>and Avery counties of North Carolina</p><p>HIGH COUNTRY MAGAZINEP.O. Box 152, Boone, NC 28607</p><p>828-264-2262</p><p>Follow our magazine online where each issue is presented in a flip-through format. Check it out at: </p><p>HighCountryMagazine.com</p><p>WE SUPPORT</p><p>SHOP LOCAL</p><p>Ready for Summer?</p><p>FROM THE PUBLISHER</p></li><li><p>April / May 2016 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e 7 </p></li><li><p>8 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e April / May 2016</p><p>Calendar # 1</p><p>APRIL 2016 1-30 Grandfather Mountain Dollar Days, $3 Park Admission for </p><p>High Country Residents, Employees &amp; their Guests, www.grandfather.com</p><p> 1-30 Mystery Hill Dollar Days, $2 Admission for NC Residents &amp; Students, 828-264-2792</p><p> 2 37th Annual Trout Derby, Blowing Rock, 828-295-5222</p><p> 2 Still Life with Oranges Acrylic Painting Workshop, Watauga County Arts Council, 828-264-1789</p><p> 5 Movies at the Museum: Throw Down Your Heart with Mark Freed, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> 7-9 Spring Appalachian Dance Ensemble, The Schaefer Center at ASU, 828-262-4046</p><p> 8 Tweetsie Railroad Opening Day, Blowing Rock, 877-893-3874</p><p> 8 Murder Mystery Weekend, The Green Park Inn, 828-414-9230</p><p> 8-10 Ashe Little Theatre: Lost in Yonkers Ashe Civic Center, 336-846-2787</p><p>14-17 SAVOR Blowing Rock, Food and Wine Festival, www.savorblowingrock.com (See Sidebar)</p><p> 14 Arty Party: Tree and Reflection with Raney Rogers, Watauga County Arts Council, 828-264-1789</p><p>15-16 Cork and Canvas: Wine and Art Workshops, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> 16 Corkscrew 5K at Chetola Resort, Blowing Rock, 828-295-5500</p><p> 16 Downton Abbey Dinner, The Green Park Inn, 828-414-9230</p><p> 21 TAC Talks: Reflections on a Persistence of Vision, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> 22 CONTRA-TIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater, The Schaefer Center at ASU, 828-262-4046</p><p> 28 Scholars &amp; Scones: Nazi-Looted Art During WWII, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> 28 Opera: Cara E Cara Ashe Civic Center, 336-846-2787</p><p> 28-1 MerleFest, Wilkes Community College, merlefest.org</p><p> 29 An Evening of Cherokee Stories with Lloyd Arneach, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> MAY 2016 7 Watauga County Farmers Market, Horn in the West, </p><p>828-355-4918 (See Sidebar)</p><p> 7 Village Vision Community Festival, Horn in the West, 8 28-355-4918</p><p> 7 Salamander Saturday, Grandfather Mountain, www.grandfathermountain.com</p><p> 7 Blowing Rocks Art in the Park, American Legion Grounds, 828-295-785</p><p> 12 Boone Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, The Boone Mall, 828-264-2225, www.boonechamber.com</p><p> 13 Naturalist Weekend, Grandfather Mountain, www.grandfathermountain.com</p><p> 19 TAC Talks: The Best in Motion Pictures, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> 22 Summer Concert Series: Laura Boosinger and Josh Goforth, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> 24 Southern Appalachian Ballads Workshop with Saro Lynch-Thomason, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, 828-295-9099</p><p> 26 Blowing Rock Farmers Market, Park Avenue, 828-295-7851</p><p> 29 David Holt and the Lightning Bolts, Tweetsie Railroad, 877-893-3874</p><p>Calendarof Events</p><p>Merlefest, April 28 - May 1, photo by William Sparklin</p></li><li><p>April / May 2016 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e 9 </p><p>OpENING DAY: MAY 7 The splendor and vibrancy of spring in the High Country will come to life when the Watauga County Farmers Market returns to Boone for the 2016 season. Early birds and shoppers of all ages will clock to Horn in the West to catch up with neigh-bors, see what local vendors have to offer and re-connect with the community after a cold winter. The market will operate from 8 a.m. to noon and will continue every Saturday through November. Call 828-355-4918 for more information or check out www.wataugacountyfarmersmarket.org.Stick around for the second annual Village Vision festival, which kicks off at 12:30 p.m. and will in-clude popular live music, performing arts, healing arts, kids activities, craft and local business vendors and more until 8 p.m. that night.</p><p>Calendar # 1</p><p>SAVOR Blowing Rock</p><p>Formerly known as the Blue Ridge Wine and Food Festival, </p><p>SAVOR Blowing Rock has become one of the top events of its kind in the Southeast. This in-credibly popular four-day weekend includes wine tastings, pairing dinners, classes and seminars, a restaurant showcase and so much more.For a complete schedule of events, check out www.savorblowingrock.com. Get your tickets now you dont want to miss this! Contact the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce at 828-295-7851 or by email at info@blowing rock.com for additional details.</p><p>DONT FORGETEVENTS</p><p>MAY 7</p><p>APRIL 14-17</p><p>Watauga CountyFarmers Market </p><p>Certain restrictions apply. See store for details.</p><p>CREATETwice The Memories</p><p>For a limited time, save $100 on any</p><p>Samsung Galaxy device with .</p><p>Be sure to stop by Carolina West Wireless</p><p>for even more special offers!</p><p>CarolinaWest.com</p><p>828-963-4288 Call or check our website for workshop dateswww.carltongallery.com carltongallery@carltongallery.com</p><p>Located 10 Miles South of Boone on Hwy. 105 Grandfather CommunityTUESDAY-SATURDAY 10:00-5:00 SUNDAY 11:00-5:00</p><p>PAINTINGS CLAY GLASS SCULPTURE WOOD FIBER ART JEWELRY</p><p>Continues through April 30, 2016</p><p>Mid-SummerGroup ExhibitionJuly 23 September 15, Opening Reception July 23, 2-5pm</p><p>CARLTON GALLERY Celebrating 34Years</p><p>Spring Group ExhibitionMay 28 July 15, Opening Reception May 28, 2-5pm</p><p>Winter &amp;Small Works Exhibition</p></li><li><p>10 H i g H C o u n t r y M a g a z i n e April / May 2016</p><p>mountain</p><p>Premier Sothebys International Realty now has a presence in Banner Elk and Blowing Rock with the 2015 acquisitions of The Sterling Company, Mountain Sothebys International Realty and Blow-ing Rock Gallery of Homes &amp; Land. </p><p>Premier Sothebys is the real estate division of the Naples, Fla.-based The Lutgert Companies, which opened the 1,800-acre Linville Ridge development in 1982. Serving as the exclusive marketing and sales brokerage of many other high-end developments, Pre-mier Sothebys represents buyers a...</p></li></ul>