hawaii by: marlee lake and destiny phillips. traditional hawaiian wedding dress

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  • HawaiiBy: Marlee Lake and Destiny Phillips

  • Traditional Hawaiian wedding dress

  • Hawaiian fabricTraditional skirts is made out of banana tree leaves.Kapa Cloth is also known as bark cloth and is what they use for most clothing.Feathered attire is feathered capes cloaks and headdresses worn by Hawaiian nobility and royalty.Before the white Christian ministries came Hawaiian women did not cover their breasts, but afterwards they they were more modest and got more forms of dresses. They began wearing muumuu which is similar to a night gown.

  • School clothing in HawaiiIn Hawaii some students are required to wear a white shirt and black shorts.

  • Colors meanings!Red means fire!Yellow means love!Green means away evil!

  • Flower meaning!Ohia the fire flowerPikake is what they wear for weddingsIlima is the symbol means loveHibiscus means women relationship status ( that meant they were taken)

    They wear leis with these flowers to show different meanings.