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1. WORKING WITH MEDPRO A STEP-BY-STEP TIMELINE FOR WORKING WITH MEDPRO 2. Initial Discovery call with MedPro: MedPro will schedule a conference call with the hauler to discuss how the process will work and to go through the timeline step-by-step. MedPro will provide hauler with a list of information that MedPro will need to create the co-branded website. MedPro and the hauler will determined dates for each step to be completed by and add them to the timeline. Timeline with dates will be sent to the hauler and MedPro employees involved. 3. Hauler receives website example. 4. Hauler to send MedPro address, phone number, logo and any other content determined to be necessary in the initial discovery call. Email Subject: Co-Branded Information Hauler Name: Mailing Address: City, State, Zip: Phone Number: Attach logo. 5. MedPro begins creating co-branded website. 6. Hauler receives preview of website for approval and replies with any necessary changes or requests. 7. Once website is approved it will go live and be searchable. 8. People begin finding website and filling out form or calling MedPro number listed. 9. MedPro sales reps take calls and respond to form submissions to close deals. 10. Hauler will be sent bi-monthly performance reports. Reports include leads generated, opportunities generated, total pipeline created as well as pipeline broken down into open, closed-won and closed-lost pipeline. 11. Everyone lives happily ever after.