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Sea fishing rods, reels, line, clothing and terminal tackle. Full range available for 2014


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    2014 - ISSUE ONE

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    Harvey Angling

    Sea Fishing Range

    New Sonik 2014 range included

  • Sonik NCT Shore RodsNew Nano Carbon Technology blanks offer incredible lightness, balance and strength. Available in 14 5oz and 14 6oz to cover most fishing terrains and conditions. Quality, lightweight and strong SIC lined guides throughout. Slim, parallel butt with sliding, locking reel seat on top of smooth Japanese shrink wrap handle. Easy casting actions that are suitable for a wide range of styles and ability. Excellent bite detection and feel throughout the blank.

    Just pick up one of the stunning new NCT (Nano Carbon Technology) shore rods from Sonik and you will immediately notice the difference. Slimmer, lighter and deceptively powerful, they cast like a dream and are arguably, the finest shore casting rods available on the market today. Nano carbon fibres allow a fishing rod blank to be made that is significantly stronger than normal carbon fibre, which in turn allows the rod to be slimmer, lighter and with faster recovery than ever before without compromising the strength and casting ability of the blank.

    Two models available initially - 14 5oz and 14 6oz, the former ideal for clean ground fishing at range, the latter with more power in the tip for use in heavier conditions. The amazing bite detection and incredible feel throughout the blank when casting and playing fish will ensure these exciting new rods are in strong demand from the outset.

    Code Length Weight Price

    P335215 14 5 Oz 259.99

    P335216 14 6 Oz 279.99

    Sonik SK4 Xtr Beach RangePowerful multi-modulus carbon fibre blanks with long range casting actions. Custom Sonik sliding reel seat for up or down the butt casting styles. Smooth Japanese shrink wrap handles for comfortable and secure grip. Genuine FUJI BMNAG guides for durability and smooth, long casts. White tips for easy bite detection in poor light conditions.

    Featuring genuine Fuji BMNAG guides, full Japanese shrink wrap handle, custom Sonik sliding reel seat and white tips for easy bite detection, the rods are available in two sizes - 136 4-6oz and 14 5-7oz. The 136 is ideal for long distance pendulum casting with the reel positioned up or down the butt, when fishing mixed or clean ground marks at range. The 14 5-7oz rod has a powerful tip action making it the ultimate rough ground rod. Capable of launching a lead to extreme ranges, the blank action will also make it easier to land fish from kelp strewn rock marks.

    Code Length Weight Price

    P335213 13 6 4 to 6Oz 224.99

    P335214 14 5 to 7Oz 251.99

    Sonik Sks Beach RodSoniks budget priced quality all round beach rod

    Code Length Weight Price

    P323916 12 Feet Sks 4 To 6oz 54.99

    P324631 13 Feet Sks 4 To 6oz 62.99

    Sonik SK3 XTR Shore RangeFull premium carbon blanks with excellent casting actions. Sonik sliding reel seat on 13 and 14 models, fixed reel seat on 116 and 126 rods. Smooth Japanese shrink wrap handles for comfortable and secure grip. Low friction SIC guides for durability and smooth, long casts. White tips for easy bite detection in poor light conditions.

    The new XTR series feature improved blanks which utilise the very latest carbon fibre materials and manufacturing techniques to produce rods that cast better, feel better balanced in the hand and have added durability for hard fishing in demanding situations. The range covers most UK shore fishing requirements from clean, mixed or rough ground marks, to piers and large estuaries. No matter what species you target and what terrain you prefer to fish, there is a rod in the range to suit. Code Length Type Price

    P335207 11 6 Lt Bass Estuary 107.99

    P335208 12 6 Bass Estuary 107.99

    P335209 13 Surf Multiplier 116.99

    P335210 13 Surf Fixed spool 116.99

    P335211 13 Rough Ground 125.99

    P335212 14 Rough Ground 134.99

    Sonik Sk3 Boat and Uptide SeriesPremium carbon blanks with two equal sections for easy transportation. Sensitive tip action for improved bite detection. Hidden power reserves in middle and butt. SIC guides throughout for use with braided lines. Custom Sonik graphite fixed reel seat with Aluminium hoods. Triangle shaped Duplon fore gip for maximum leverage and comfort.

    Ideal for use with braid, they are designed around two equal sections for easy transportation.

    Code Length Type Weight Price

    P335220 7 6 12 to 20 44.99

    P335221 7 6 20 to 30 44.99

    P335222 7 6 30 to 50 44.99

    P335223 10 Uptider 6 to 8Oz 62.99

    Sonik Sks Boat RangeSensitive tip action composite blanks. Clear tip for excellent bite registration. Extended EVA, non-slip front and rear grip. Up-locking screw-winch reel seat for secure hold. Two piece construction for convenience. Metallic blue base, gloss black after butt ring. Three leg Hardloy guides.

    A new range of two piece boat rods with clear tips, which offer excellent sensitivity to register the lightest of bites and plenty of power in the butt to handle bigger specimens. The composite blanks are strong but very light in the hand. A comfortable full duplon handle has a screw-winch, up-locking reel seat and rubber butt cap. Three legged, durable Hardloy guides with black tyings, with gold tipping on the butt ring.

    Available in three models to cope with most inshore and offshore boat fishing requirements, the SKS rods are a great choice for reliability, durability and affordability.

    Code Length Weight Price

    P335217 7 12 to 20 35.99

    P335218 7 20 to 30 35.99

    P335219 7 30 to 50 35.99

    www.Cliff-Harvey-Angling.co.uk | T. 01443 400766



  • Shakespeare Agility Beach RodsAgility surf A powerful, 4 to 8oz rated, high carbon, lightweight, fast taper 129 blank designed for use with fixed spool reels, yet it retains incredible bite detection, even at maximum range. The blanks power flow allows for easy distance casting, but has the power in the lower mid-section and butt to bully big fish making the rod ideal for all medium to long range beach and mixed rough ground fishing. Supplied in 3-piece equal sections with a protective Cordura tube.

    Agility Long surfThis 15, lightweight, medium fast taper, high carbon blank offers excellent bite detection, but is specifically designed with power in the mid-section and butt to achieve maximum casting distance with the easier overhead and off-the-ground casts. It is ideal for all clean and light rough ground fishing situations targeting everything from close range flatfish to long range bass, cod and rays. Rated to cast 4-8ozs, it is fitted with Zirconium rings, an engraved reel seat, shrink wrap for maximum grip in all weather conditions, and is supplied in three equal sections for ease of carrying.- Glazed tip

    Shakespeare Sigma Beach RodsThese medium fast action blanks offer easy long range casting performance with the simplest of casting styles. They are perfect for general beach and mixed rough ground fishing when targeting flounders, dabs, plaise, whiting, codling, bass and rays.

    Tough carbon blank Titanium Oxide Guides (TOG) Slim handles Gunsmoke finish aluminium reel seat

    Code Length Type Weight Price

    P325693 12 9 Multiplier 4 To 8 Oz 69.98

    P325694 15 4 To 8 Oz 69.98

    P334014 12 9 Fixed Spool 4 To 8 Oz 69.98

    Code Length Type Weight Price

    P325695 12 4 To 8 Oz 36.99

    P325696 13 4 To 8 Oz 36.99

    P333956 12 Telescopic 4 To 8 Oz 29.99

    Penn Rampage Beach RodsDesigned to cast 4-6ozs (113/170g), this 3-piece, 13, 24-ton blank is fitted with Fuji rings throughout, an aluminium reel seat, and features a shrink tube for grip. Although slim in diameter, and light in weight, this fast taper bank offers incredible bite detection at maximum range, but has the power to launch 6ozs and bait. The action, though fast taper, is specifically designed to get the best from simple overhead casts, but also has the power to maximise casting distance when using more powerful off-the-ground and basic pendulum casting styles.

    Penn Rampage Surf 159At 159 in length and with a progressive fast taper action, the Penn Rampage Surf is designed to achieve maximum casting when using simple casting styles, such as the overhead cast. It offers excellent bite detection at maximum range, but has the power in the mid-section and butt to really pressurise hard fighting fish such as winter cod, summer rays and bass. The rod retains a slim diameter and light weight, plus is fitted with Fuji rings throughout.

    Fuji O guides Supplied in a cordura tube HR 24 T Carbon Blank

    Code Length Weight Price

    P326006 15 9 4 To 6 Oz 114.99

    P326007 13 4 4 To 6 Oz 94.99

    Abu Esprit Beachmaster SeriesThe Esprit is a name that many have heard of and epitomises why Abu Garcia make great beach rods. There are two rods in this range, one being a multiplier version, the other having the sliding Grip-Lok reel seat. Like all our rods in the pure performance range they have power, sensitivity, strength and a lightness that make them a pleasure to fish with. IM8 Carbon Blank SS304 Titanium Guide System Multiplier reel version Fixed spool version

    Code Type Length Price

    P332887 Multiplier 13 89.99

    P332888 Fixed Spool 13 89.99

    Aurora 12 BeachcasterJarvis Walker Aurora Sea Rods. Featuring high quality components and built on slim purpose designed blanks Jarvis Walker Aurora Sea rods give great performance at an affordable price. The range


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