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HarvardBusinessReview=rwww.hbr.org-~ October 200660Tarun Khannaand KrishnaG. Palepu72 The Tools of Cooperation and ChangeClayton M. Christensen, Matt Marx,andHoward H. Stevenson82 THE HBR INTERVIEWIdeas as ArtJamesG. March92 Strategies for Two-Sided MarketsThomas Eisenmann,Geoffrey Parker,andMarshall W Van Alstyne102 Meeting the Challenge of CorporateEntrepreneurshipDavid A Garvin and Lynne C Levesque20 FORETHOUGHT37 HBR CASE STUDYWhat Serves the Customer Best?PaulENunesand WoodruffW Driggs53 D(~FERENTVOICESleep Deficit: The Performance KillerA Conversation with Harvard Medical SchoolProfessor Charles A.CzeislerI I 4 BIG PICTURECan Science Be a Business?Lessons from BiotechGaryI~Pisano126 What Business Are You In?ClassicAdvice from Theodore Levitt146 EXECUTIVESUMMARIES152 PANEL DISCUSSION---HBROctober 200612 COMPANY INDEX14 FROM THE EDITORFair Business Is as FairBusiness DoesWestern companies expeCtto be treatedfairly as they expand Into emergingmarkets1ikeChina,India,ana Brazil,Staringthem in the faceat hone, how-ever, 15the stock-optlUn-datinqscandal.Shouldn'tdecencytranslateequallyacross cultures and economies?20 FORETHOUGHTThe nationality affirms is beconllngmore. not less,clear. . .Whenso-cairedbest practices fail to deliver.. Indiansarc getting more materialistic.. .1\:0onelikes a perfect brand...Sending conSIS-tent corporate messages.. .Onllne shop-ping in 3-D...Followingin the footStepsof an icon.. .15the globalization apoca-lypse upon us'37 BaR CASE STUDYWhat Serves the Customer Best?Paul F.Nunes and WoodruffW. DriggsWhiskeymaker Glenmead,e ISfacing atrade-()ff;Front-officeinnovations are in-creasing salesand customer loyalty.Butbysiphoningmoneyawayfromproductinnovation, they might produce the op-posite effect in the long term.53 DiffERENT VOICESleep DeficitThe Performance KillerA Conversation with Harvard MedicalSchool Professor Charles A. CzeislerCorporations try to protect employeeswith rules agamst ,,\'orkplacesmoking,drinking, drugs. sexual harassment, andso on. Yet they keep asking people towork too hard, too long, af1d with too lit.tie sleep. The toll on morale and perfor-mance can be significant. So why are sofew companies doing anything about it?1090 S'fRATEGIC HUMOR11'4 81G PICTURECan Science Be a Business?Lessons from BiotechGary? PisanoThe birth of~dtechnology created highhb~S for a revolutionin drug R&D.Three decadeslater,thosehopesarelargely unreplized. Can companies thatcorlducthasicstientificresearch as acore activity be profitable? Yes-with adifferent anatomy.126 What Business Are You In?Classic Advice from Theodore LevittAn early proponent ofthe need for com-paniesto focus on customers, TheodoreLevittwas one of business's great minds.Read excerpts from sixof his most influ-ential HBRarticles,139 LETTERS TO THE EDITORConsumer-directed health plans don'tnecessarily create any true savings forthe U.S.health care system. They onlyhelp employers shift the responsibil-ity and the cost of health care to theiremployees.146 EXECUTIVE SUMMARIES152 PANEL DISCUSSIONOn StageDon MoyerFor a leader, there's no such thing as acasual conversation.tHARVARDBUSINESS REVIEW I HBR.ORG


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