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  • Harts Range


    Growing up in the Harts Range area 1950s onwards

    Story told by Irene Rieff 1

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  • Yeah. Julianne Rieff angkeme nhenhe, story ilemele; Anwerne arle anetyarte , ilekakweye, Mt Riddock’le anwerne arle

    anetyarte. Hard workin woman akngerrirretyarte anwerne and mother atyinhe. Mantere alewerle wayepelekenhe. Washing

    machine’le arrernerle one day, alewerle old Lena'le atherre, manterre wayepelakenhe. Hardwork work irremele kitchen,

    anwerne anetyarte, merne akwekeke; tea, sugar akweke bag a-suge akweke half-one, bag a kweke altogether and merne flour

    akweke. Tea and sugar and kere salt-meat ane warrkirrerretyarte yanhe, pmere Mt Riddock'le. Ampe awenke arle ayenge

    merneke warrkirretyarte, wayepelarenye anemele. Station girl ayenge aneke yanhele, stationarenye.

    Mt. Riddock Stationarenye. Merneke ayenge self warrkirretyarte and mother atyinhe merneke selfeke warrkirretyarte,

    nannygoat milk thelemele, wayepelekenhe, milkemilemele. Hard-work arle aneke, merneke. Hard-work altogethe

    warrkirremele. Kere saltmeat, jam, flour,tea and sugar, akweke ware. Mane anetyange arrangkwe. Mane akweke anetyakenhe.

    Hard-work arle warrkirretyarte yanhele. Ol Lena, ol Lena Bloomfield warrkirretyarte alakenhe akine. Hard-workin woman

    akine,mother atyinhe uthene, anwerne warrkirretyarte. Ayenge stationarenye arle aneke. Station'le, wayepele mapengarlenge

    intentyakngerre, warrkirrentyakngerre,anetyarte

    We were all living on Mt Riddock (Station). We were all hard working women, including my mother. She and old Lena

    Bloomfield would wash the whiteman’s clothes.

    We would also do the hard work around the kitchen just for a small amount of food; tea and a little bag of sugar and flour

    and some salt-meat.

    When I was a young teenage girl I became a ‘station girl’ at Mt Riddock i.e. I stayed at the homestead so I could work for my

    own keep just like my mother. I’d milk the nanny goats for the whiteman. It was all very hard work just for a small amount of

    food and no money at all.


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  • Early days anwerne aneke ampe akelye urrke, wale anwernenhe school-ke akwernetyarte wayepelele, wayepele

    cheeky-one'le, anwernenhe akwernetyarte wale anwerne arle learnirrtyange aneke arle. Wayepele

    aywepeke,alpetyeke school teacher renhe. Anwerne learnirretyakenhe kwete nwerne aneme school'ke irrpemele,

    arrangkwe akwete arle.

    Kele ikwerengetyle anwerne aneke yanhele, Mt Riddock'le. Kele anwerne shiftirreke Huckitta station'werne aneme,

    Mameye atyinhe arle , tateye uthene arle. Tateye atyinhe work'ke alpeke,Huckitta Station'werne, anwerneke merneke

    warrkirretyarte. Merne akweke re warrkirretyarte, hard work.

    Tateye atyinhe windmill arlke, tank arlke yanhele arrerneke, mpwaremele, wayepele Frank Masagenge warrkirremele,

    Huckitta Station'le aneme ol' Quinton Webb itwele, anwerne arle anetyarte. Anwerne yanhe ikwerele aneke,yanhe kine

    angkepe apetyalpeke re, warrke arle irreke yanhe ikwerele. Ampe wenke akngerretye ayenge yanhe ikwerele aneke,

    wenke akngerretye kele angkepe kine Mt Riddock’werle apetyalpemele. Anwerne aneke, tateye atyinhe'ke thakemene

    aneke, anwerneke merneke warrkirremele, ol' Quinton Webb'nge, aneke yanhe ikwerele.

    In earlier days when we were still little children there was an attempt to send us to school but the teacher was too

    nasty and we couldn’t learn from him. He was sent back and we didn’t learn anything much from our time in school.

    That was at Mt Riddock. After that we shifted to Huckitta Station. Dad went there to work so we could have food. He

    was putting up the windmills and tanks there with a whiteman, Frank Massage.

    Old Quenton Webb was at Huckitta then and we lived near him. We stayed there for a good while and then when I got

    older that was when I went back to Mt Riddock to work.


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  • Anwerne yanhe ikwerele aneke. Tateye atyinhe warrkirreke.

    Tateye atyinhe apmere nhakwele warrkirreke, Huckitta angkweye arle urrke station urreke. Station angkweye'le urrke

    Tateye atyinh'le Bill Madrill'nge, wayepele, anwerne akweke anemeke. Yanhe re warrkirreke, anwerne ampe mape

    kelye anerleke.

    Mame warrkirrreke, soap yanhe ulkere arrwerkerlenye mpwarentye, powder soap yanhe ulkere mpwarentye unkenhe

    bar-a-soap, mamange, early days mpwarentye unkenhe. Mamele bar-a-soap mpwaretyarte , hard-work drum'ke

    boilemilerlanemele, soap arle mpwareyenge unkenhe, Bill Madrill'kenhe, ol'Katy Williams, wife ikwerenhe.

    Tateye mape warrkirreke thakemane, everybody akngerre, warrkirrerleke.

    Yanhe ikwerengentyele, Huckitta Station yanhenge finishirremele anwerne apetyalpeke ingkarle.

    Ingkarle anwerne apetyalpeke Huckitta Staionenge,Bill Madrill alpekengarlenge.Shiftirrentyalpeke.Anwerne

    apetyalpeke Marshall Bore'werne. Tinka mineke warrirreke

    Dad had been a stockman on Huckitta at the old homestead as well, when we were little. He worked for Bill Madrill.

    There was a lot of men working there as stockmen with Bill Madrill. Bill’s wife was old Katy Williams.

    Mum was there too doing the hard work of making soap in the old fashion way. She’d have to boil it up in a drum.

    When the work finished and Bill Madrill left we all shifted from Huckitta to Marshall Bore to work the Tinka mine. We

    walked there carrying our swags.


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  • Tateye anwernekenhe.Anwerne ingke apetyalpeke swag akngerre akerte. Tinka Mine warkirreke wayepele ampwe

    Johnny Mueller, Peppi Guanni, irrkwetethe atherre aneke. Yanhe arle atherrele merne nthetyarte anwernenhe.

    Yanhe ikwerele warrkirreke, mica minele, Huckitta Stationengentyele apetyalpeliweke, Atnwarlenge, Marshall

    Bore yanhe pmere akngerre irrelaneme.Yanhele akngerrirreke Tinka mine’le, tinkemele akngerrirreke Marshall

    Borenge shiftirrerreke, Yam Creek arle akenhe akngerrirrerleme, pmere Yam Creek'le arlke, country

    anwernekenheke arlke, utnherrirretyarte, workarle finishirreke mica utnherrirrerlaneke irrkwetethe

    mapeke.Tinkem yanhe ikwere kine aleme mape arle, mica mape antherrerlaneke irrkwetethe mape merneke.

    Wayepele ampwe atherre apele aneke Johnny Mueller uthene Peppi Guanni, irrkwetethe atherre aneke. Anwerne

    yanhe aneke,ikwerengentyele shiftirremele. Mameye anwerne shiftirrentyalpemenge, akngerre, everybody re.

    Brother atyinhe, Ronnie Webb yanhe, Marshall Bore yanhe ikwerele tinkemerleke utnherrerleke ,bornirreke yanhe

    ikwere. Anwerne shiftirrentyalpeke ikwere akelye akerte. Pmere ileke akweye irrerlaneme, Whistle Duck Mine-

    awerne shiftirrenty alperliwenhe. Wayepelele ileke akweye, ayenge warrkirretyeke, Marg Mitchell. Marg Mitchell

    ayenge warrkirreke yanhe ikwere, Huckitta Stationenge irntwarre ampinye, pmere ileke akweye yanhe,

    warrkirrerretyarte. Irrkwetethe’ke milk mpwaremele nthetyarte anwernenhe antywetyeke ampe mape inkeye

    ntherlenge angayekwe, merne akweke itnenhe ntherleke. Just for one week apeke merne akweke ware. No kere

    nothing, kangaroo arlke alakenhe arlkwetyange arrangkwe altekethe, starvin arle aneke arrwekerle, prape starvin

    arratye re, wearin rubbish clothes, amperrelentye manterre akerte alherliwerlerlaneme. Atnwarlenge (Marshall

    Bore) became a big camp then when we all shifted back there to work the mica mine. There were two old Italians

    there, Johnny Mueller and Peppi Giuanni*who would give us food for working the mines.

    Yam Creek (our country) was another place that became a major camp as people worked for the Italian miners.

    It was when we were at Marshall bore that my brother Ronnie Webb was born. When he was still little we moved

    on to Whistle Duck Mine, the other side of Huckitta Station. I worked there for Marg Mitchell.

    We’d do the milking for the Italians and they let us give some to the children to drink when they’d come hungry

    and they’d give a little bit of food. They might give us food enough to last a week but no meat.

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  • Early days anekenge alakenhe, anwerne akely areye, mine warrkirreke yanhe ikwere. Two or three mine rarle

    aneke yanhe ikwere, Huckitta Station'nge irntwarre yanhe, kele warrkirreke irntwarre yanhe, mine’le warrkirritneke.

    Arelhe warrkirreke mine'ke, mica'ke and arelhe warrkirreke for nanny goat, shepherdemilemele merneke. Nanny

    Goat milk theleme wayepele mapeke.Early days aneke prape arratye starvin aneke rarle.

    No kere, no kere atwenhatwenhe yanhe ulkere prape arrangkwe ultekethe, only arengkelante arle kangaroo

    catchemileme kere and Tateye atyinhele kangaroo, emu irrtyartele atanthenhe, arratye arle aneke. And kangaroo

    champion Tateye atyinhe aneke, champion for kangaroo spearemiletyeke arratye ultekethe.

    Alakenhe ante ware anwernenhe feedemileyeke. No anything apeke, makite apeke, arrangkwe, arengkelante

    uthene irrtyartele uthene ante anwernenhe feedemileyeke alakenhe. Wayepele merneke ingkeye

    arlkwerlaperliwepiwerlenge, alakenhe arle aneke.

    Arengke kangaroo akerle, kangaroo dog mape arle anekenge, early days, anwerne arle akelye. Merne utnerrknge

    arlkwerle, kere nannygoat sometime. Nannygoat live irreke arratye arle