harry potter and the commodity fetish: activating corporate readings

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Harry Potter and the Commodity Fetish: Activating Corporate Readings i n the Journey from Text to Commercial Intertext. Jarrod Waetjen & Timothy A. Gibson. Harry Potter. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Harry Potter and the Commodity Fetish: Activating Corporate Readings in the Journey from Text to Commercial IntertextJarrod Waetjen & Timothy A. GibsonHarry PotterThe central premise of Rowlings books is that, in modern England (and, as we learn later, around the world) a parallel society of wizards, witches, and magical creatures lives among the non-magic (or muggle) world, though they usually escape our attention through a variety of clever means(Waetjen, Jarrod, Timothy Gibson 2007, 8).

Rowling herself has been quoted many times as being uncomfortable with the idea of HarryPotters wholesale commercialization(Waetjen, Jarrod, Timothy Gibson 2007, 6).

Nonetheless, she was well positioned to profit handsomely from it(Waetjen, Jarrod, Timothy Gibson 2007, 7).

Class : obvious distinction of social class.

Racial elements: pure bloods vs mudbloodWhat we will discover is that the two worlds within which Harry Potter moves*the non-magical (muggle) world and the magical wizarding world are both structured profoundly by class privilege (Waetjen, Jarrod, Timothy Gibson 2007, 5).

Yet, at least within the first six texts (there is one more to come), Rowlings vivid depictions of class inequality exist alongside a contradictory discourse of wealth and accumulation, on in which Harrys own (accidental) wealth leads to exciting forms of consumption that earn Harry the admiration of his peers (Waetjen, Jarrod, Timothy Gibson 2007, 5).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgjdsy1MpR0

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81scFUYQGbUWhy do you think they have money and a commercial hub (Diagon Alley) if they have magic and can get anything with it?

Class RaceEconomical Status


House ElvesThese creatures find their greatest happiness in using their considerable magical powers to serve their masters and consider payment for their work or release from their voluntary slavery as insults(Waetjen, Jarrod, Timothy Gibson 2007, 12).

Dobby has no master, dobby is a free elf

DobbyKreacherWhy are some wizards poor and some are rich?Because there is consumption in the wizarding world there is advertisments.

"Let your fingers do the walking " - Yellow Pages"The tastiest snack youve never tried " - Sun Chips

No Pain, No Stain, - Skowers All-Purpose Magical Mess RemoverConsumers into Harrys world, not Harry into the consumers world.



By strategically selecting and amplifying Rowlings celebratory descriptions of magical commodities, AOL Time Warners commercial intertext elides Harrys time with the Dursleys and labors to bring consumers into the wizarding world, where commodities are produced by magic and never fail to deliver on their advertised promises

(Waetjen, Jarrod, Timothy Gibson 2007, 21).

Harry is a consumer.

We want to consume the same products Harry consumes.

That is what AOL Time Warner is selling.