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A beautiful spring birthday for my beautiful J. I love you. -S


  • Feliz cumpleaos!Reflections on the birthday of Janet Dudley April 2010

    Wild Flowers (mostly daisies)Wild romanceWilderness picnic tables

    InThis Issue

  • 2 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555

  • Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 3

    Daisy chain gangWithout so much as a By your leaveThey sprangFrom the earthAll around me

    Now they are aBunchA nosegayA crownNo longer fearsome


  • 4 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555

    BelleSoft curve of stemCradledEasy in my handsYou singIn tiny bellish tonesA song that I should know

    I am yoursAs you spring and stretchToward sky andEarth at once


  • Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 5

    Floral arrangementThey grew boldAnd saidHow about one of us?

    Maybe orangeMaybe whiteMaybe anything you want

    Maybe roundMaybe notButYou can have anything you want

  • 6 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555

    WonderBending to sweepThe fragrant earthGrandmother findsHer vernal pose

    GentlyShe swaysFrom the tip ofEachKnobbedFinger

    To the loose-limbedBoughs at her heights

    StillGreen as spring

  • Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 7

  • 8 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555


    Cold darknessHer precursorWhets the desireAt my core

    She draws me outAt the rootShaking freeThe frozen clods of soil

  • Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 9

    Te Quiero

    Quiero la esperanza subconciente de alegriaUn sentido nebuloso de hambreQue ningun alimento puede curar

    Quiero cogerloLlorarloSoltar las lagrimasComo siMe despidiera de una conocida

    To be

    A songThe morning lightWith voiceless silenceSinging

    Casts aboutThe colored tonesOf a birthTransformedIn lifeResounding

  • 10 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555

    ThereThey stood

    Watching me work

    Never offeringAs though

    ThereWas nothing they could do


    They had done it already

  • Exero 01, 5555 BLA BLA BLA 11

  • 12 BLA BLA BLA Exero 01, 5555

    Distributed ByHappy Birthday Sweetheartpublishing group of one

    Designed and written byStephen Esker

    Poured outBetween us

    Table talk