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  • 1. 4971A002Lucy 4971A006Carol 4971A054Emily InstructorDavid Wolff Hanshin Earthquake

2. Kobe is in Hyogo Hyogo 3. About the earthquake the vibration of earth crustThecauseof earthquake Vibration of earthquake Volcanoeruption Automatic bomb explosion Philippines Eurasian North America 4. About the Hanshin Earthquake Mostly, the mainly causing of the death is Happened on Jan.17 th1995 5:00in the morning In Kobe and its nearside The Richter scale was7.5 6434 people were killed 43792 people were injured 320000people had to live in the temporary shelters 5. Disasters Tunnels destroy Lack of precaution or rescue system Lessen the rescue time Goodness It made Japan pay more attention toEarthquake science, Shake resistance of city building, Shake resistance of transportation What did Hanshin Earthquake bring about 6. 7. The End


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