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  • 1. The award-winning author of Dad, Jackie, and Me, Myron Uhlberg has penned a poignant, riveting memoir about growing up as the hearing son of two deaf parents. Hands of My Father A Hea ring Boy, His Dea f Pa ren ts, a nd the L a nguage of Lov eL O U I S A N D S A R A H U H L B E R G H A D T H E I R F I R S T C H I L D, M Y R O N, at the absolute bottom of the Great Depressionan expression of extraordinary optimism, and typical of the joy and resilience of these two inspiring individualsTheir sons first language was American Sign Language, the first sign he learned: I love you. But his second language was spoken English, and at a very young age he was called upon to act as interpreter in the stores and streets beyond their Brooklyn apartment. This meant not only straddling the worlds of the hearing and the deaf, but reversing the roles of parent and childand then having to flip back again to being his fathers little boy.Listening to the radio, he signed for his father every blow in the historic Joe Louis- Max Schmeling boxing match, and he learned about the war through his fathers signed translations of the newspaper. From the beaches of Coney Island to the Dodgers Ebbets Field, this is a memoir about growing up not just as the hearing son of two deaf people but as a book-loving, mischief-making, tree-climbing kid in Brooklyn during the period that spanned the Depression, World War II and the early 50s.M Y R O N U H L B E R G is the critically acclaimed and award-winning author of aA Bantam Hardcover number of childrens books, including Dad, Jackie, and Me. On Sale 12/30/08978-0-553-80688-5$23.00/$25.95C p r e o r d e r at yo u rfav o r i t e b o o k s e l l e r,o n l i n e o r i n p e r s o n!P r o f e s s o r s / E d u c at o r s: Examination copies are available to college professors or instructors seeking titles to review for adoption consideration. Order by visiting our site online at www.randomhouse.com/acmart; see our entire policy available at this site.For more information on ordering bulk copies of this book as a premium or for resale, email us at specialmarkets@randomhouse.com www.bantamdell.com


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