handmade jewelry designs simple yet dignified pearl pendant necklace

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  1. 1. Handmade jewelry designs-simple yet dignified pearl pendant necklace Pearls are considered to be graceful and can complement any outfit without overshadowing it. Real freshwater pearl tend to be the most expensive and beautiful as they are glossy and have a good reputation built on centuries of using them. However, you can easily buy the glass or imitation pearl beads from most craft shops. With the right handmade jewelry designs and techniques, you can create your own pearl pendant necklace. Supplies needed to make the pearl pendant necklace: 12 & 8mm Acrylic Bead-imitation pearl 2mm Aluminum Wire 0.5mm Brass Wire Chain Mandrel Side Cutting Plier Round Nose Plier Details for the handmade jewelry designs: With section of aluminum wire and pieces of lightweight acrylic imitation pearl beads, its easy and inexpensive to make this elegant pearl pendant necklace. Check it out for the details on how to make this handmade jewelry design. Step 1: wrap the frame of pendant 1. Make a loop at one end of your wire using round nose pliers; 2. Create a large curve using a mandrel. Curve in the opposite direction of the loop; 3. Form the 3rd loop with thinner part on mandrel; 4. Cut the excess tail and youll get a frame as below. Step 2: add on the pearl beads 1. Snip a short strand of 0.5mm brass wire, about 20cm is enough; 2. Anchor the wire on the frame with several turns; 3. Slide on the smaller pearl bead and wrap certain number of turns to help it stay in place; 4. Add on the 12mm pearl bead and another 8mm piece in same way; 5. Affix the end of the wire in the same manner as you did at the beginning of the wire. And this is the pearl pendant!
  2. 2. Step 3: add on chain For a pearl pendant necklace, I simply made use of the silver chain. Finally, connect the two tips of the chain using a small jumpring. Or add on a lobster claw clasp if you want your item to be a snug piece. The wire wrapped pearl pendant necklace is completed, and it merely took me a quarter of an hour with a budget of less than 5 dollars. All the handmade jewelry designs are simple to make at home, as long as you take the essential tools and supplies. For more simple-to-follows handmade jewelry tutorials please click: http://www.pandahall.com/learning-center.html