Handmade beaded jewelry diy handmade earring in josephine knot pattern

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<ul><li><p>Handmade beaded jewelry- DIY handmade earring </p><p>in Josephine knot pattern </p><p>If you stay tuned to our learning center, you will never </p><p>miss anew handmade beaded jewelry tutorial. We are </p><p>continuously absorbing crafting ideas from fashion </p><p>magazines, jewelry forums and fanatics blogs. This </p><p>Josephine knot pattern handmade earrings belongs to </p><p>one of those collected recently. </p><p>Materials and tools: </p><p> 3mm purple glass pearls</p><p> 0.3mm tiger tail wire </p><p> Crimp beads </p><p> Bead tips </p><p> Hoop earrings</p><p> Round nose plier </p><p> Flat nose plier </p><p> Wire cutter </p><p>Instructions: </p><p>Step 1: make Josephine knot dangles </p><p>1st, snip 2 strands of tiger tail wire measuring 30cm long, </p><p>and string purple beads onto it; </p><p>2nd, make a Josephine knot with the two beaded strands; </p><p>3rd, cut off extra beaded length and collect the two ends </p><p>with a crimp bead and bead tip; </p><p>4th, press down the crimp bead and close bead tip. </p><p>This new technique for handmade beaded jewelry is about making the Josephine knot pattern handmade </p><p>earrings. It is simple to understand but needs a little of your patience to finish off. </p></li><li><p> Step 2: finish off the beaded earrings </p><p>1st, repeat above step to finish the other dangle; </p><p>2nd, attach ear hooks to both dangles. </p><p>Tada, the tutorial of handmade earring is done successfully! We hope that this simple tutorial can </p><p>spark some awesome ideas of your own about handmade beaded jewelry making, and help you to </p><p>make your own special piece. </p><p>For more fabulous jewelry making tutorials please click: </p><p> http://www.pandahall.com/learning-center.html</p><p>The final work shows as below </p></li></ul>