Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems

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  • Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine SystemsAcknowledgmentsOrganization and UseContents1. Introduction and Guide to the Literature and Research1.1 Role of Gasification in Biomass Conversion1.2 Biomass Energy Potential1.3 Guide to Gasification Literature2. History, Current Developments, and Future Directions2.1 Historical Development2.2 Current Development Activities2.3 Future Development Directions3. Gasifier Fuels3.1 Introduction3.2 Biomass Fuel Analysis3.3 Other Fuel Parameters3.4 Beneficiation of Biomass Fuels4. Principles of Gasification4.1 Introduction4.2 Biomass Thermal Conversion Processes4.3 Indirect and Direct Gasification Processes4.4 Principles of Operation of Direct Gasifiers4.5 Charcoal Gasification4.6 Summary5. Gasifier Designs5.1 Introduction5.2 Basic Gasifier Types5.3 Charcoal Gasifiers5.4 Charcoal versus Biomass Fuels5.5 The Crossdraft Gasifier5.6 The Updraft Gasifier5.7 The Imbert Downdraft Gasifier5.8 The Stratified Downdraft Gasifier5.9 Tar-Cracking Gasifiers5.10 Summary6. Gasifier Fabrication and Manufacture6.1 Introduction6.2 Materials of Construction6.3 Methods of Construction6.4 Sizing and Laying out the Pipes6.5 Instruments and Controls7. Gas Testing7.1 Introduction7.2 Gas-Quality Measurements and Requirements7.3 Description of Producer Gas and Its Contaminants7.4 Gas Sampling7.5 Physical Gas-Composition Testing7.6 Chemical Gas Composition7.7 Analysis of Test Data7.8 Particle-Size Measurement8. Gas Cleaning and Conditioning8.1 Introduction8.2 The Power Theory of Gas Cleanup8.3 Gas Cleanup Goals8.4 Classification of Particles8.5 Particle Movement and Capture Mechanisms8.6 Dry Collectors8.7 Wet Scrubbers8.8 Disposal of Captured Contaminants9. Gasifier Systems9.1 The Complete Gasifier System9.2 Storing, Feeding, and Sealing Solids9.3 Fans, Blowers, Ejectors, and Compressors9.4 Flares and Product-Gas Burners10. Instrumentation and Control10.1 The Need for Instrumentation and Control10.2 Gasifier Instruments10.3 Controls10.4 Computer Data Logging and Control11. Engine Adaptation and Operation11.1 Introduction11.2 Producer Gas for Transportation11.3 Producer Gas for Electric Power and Irrigation11.4 Gasifier Types Suitable for Shaft-Power Generation11.5 Sizing the Gas Producer to the Engine11.6 Engine Selection11.7 Cogeneration11.8 Spark-Ignition Engine Conversion11.9 Two-Cycle Engine Conversion11.10 Diesel Engine Conversion11.11 Increasing Power from Producer-Gas-Fueled Engines11.12 Engine Life and Engine Wear11.13 Exhaust Emissions11.14 Other Devices for Producer-Gas Power Generation12. Safety and Environmental Considerations12.1 Introduction12.2 Toxic Hazards12.3 Fire Hazards12.4 Environmental Hazards13. Decision Making13.1 Introduction13.2 Logistcs Assessment13.3 Economics13.4 Cost Benefits13.5 Financing13.6 Other ConsiderationsReferencesAppendix


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