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Hand tools for hand devices Making learning mobile. Project Deliverables . Context: CIII in Cabinet Making. Traditional approach to training Barriers successful completion: limited engagement: with the employer workplace-based learning workplace-based assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Hand tools for hand devices

Making learning mobile

Project Deliverables Project DeliverablesStatusResearch how we can transform existing resourcesTransforming assessment strategyA training program to upskill teachers - 20 staff.

One eLearning unit as an exemplar One interactive print/eBook as an exemplar Trialled with thirty students Rolled out 300 apprentices over 6 months. Delirious..Context: CIII in Cabinet MakingTraditional approach to training

Barriers successful completion:limited engagement: with the employerworkplace-based learningworkplace-based assessmentAttendance lower priority due to off-site time requiredAccessing online learning materials anywhere/anytimeIncreased pressures on physical training space within the TAFE

Student Outputs: MobilityResearch: 72% trade students use smartphones99% have a mobile phone Resources were designed and developedStudents were given iPadsDelivery strategy re-designedAssessment tools developedBYOD - Personal devices can be integrated

Aim: Improve our retention rates by meeting identified learning needs.

ConsiderationsAccessibility and useabilityInteraction with LMS (Moodle)Reduce photocopying and printingDesirable :Fast and reliableMany people on site use themCan be used online or off-lineMultimedia captureiPads are cool

Issues iPads dont have file systemFlash not supported in iOSNeed to upskill users (teachers and students)Limited or no experience developing ePUBsBecoming aware (through trial and error) of the idiosyncrasies of using the iBook Author App Ensuring file size is manageable

Background/Challengesprior to this projectResearching different software apps to find which was appropriate to the project's needsBeing responsible for the look and feel of the publication as well as the development of the assets, including the limitations of the inbuilt 'widgets' (interactivities), and where necessary, reworking the storyboard to allow for these restrictionsEnsuring file size was managable, yet bearing in mind image quality; particularly with regard to video compression

Solutions Centre based iPad PlannerWorked in partnership to develop assessment toolsDeveloped eLearning and ePubDeveloped activities in Java scriptUsed online assessments quizzes, online assignments in Moodle, My Moodle appCo-taught prototype during Stage 1

What we did

Useful AppsNotability: $0.99Pages: $10.49iMovie: $5.49My Moodle: freeVidEditor: Free iBooks: Free

My Moodle app

Images from camera roll can be uploaded in Private files areaRecord video, sound, take photos in app Insert these files into forums, wikis, online assignment, upload in assignment

Working in Moodle

Marketing Box Hill Institute 2008-2012 | A proposed way forward | Box Hill Institute | December 2008Activities

Marketing Box Hill Institute 2008-2012 | A proposed way forward | Box Hill Institute | December 2008Content

Content and rollover activity

Screen capture image from storyboardVideo previews

EngagementIntended outcomes for learners:Increased workplace training and assessmentemployability skillsdigital literacy and responsible digital citizenshipamount of training time in the workplace.kinaesthetic and social learning that will engage the students

More rapid skill development and placement in employment

Future Lessons learnt sharedIpad Planner updatedBetter Comms between service centresePub template for teachers to useImproved workplace learning linksAssess did it assist retention Embed this model through whole qualificationRoll-out to all apprentices 2013Gather student feedback