Hand beaded jewelry diy string bracelet with lampwork and rhinestone bead

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  • Hand Beaded Jewelry- DIY String Bracelet with

    Lampwork and Rhinestone Bead

    Multi-strands stacked bracelets are a really popular; but

    for me, I prefer to wear easy hand beaded jewelry. All

    you need is just a few beads and two pieces of thread to

    make a bracelet that is fine to wear in every season,

    especially in summer days. So hurry up to make your own

    DIY string bracelet with us.

    Materials and tools:

    1mm blue nylon thread

    4mm blue seed beads

    Blue lampwork bead

    Golden rhinestone beads



    Step 1: braid beads into threads Step 2: adjust the ends

    With just a few lampwork beads and some nylon thread, you can create beautiful and simple hand beaded

    jewelry- it is fun to follow our DIY string bracelet tutorial!

    1st, pick a piece of thread measuring 4 times of

    your wrist size;

    2nd, fold it in half and thread it through the 3


    3rd, insert the folded end through the first,

    second and third bead in that order.

    1st, adjust the lengths of both ends and

    tighten beads into a snugly cluster;

    2nd, cut apart the fold and string a blue seed

    bead onto each single thread;

    3rd, tie a knot at the end of each thread.

  • Wow you see the final image of this hand beaded jewelry:

    Our DIY string bracelet tutorial is over; if you are

    interested in string bracelets, friendship bracelets, or

    various other beaded and braided bracelets, come

    check out our Friendship Bracelet section under

    Inspiration Projects in our Learning Center; there are a

    lot of wonderful projects for your quick reference.

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