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Dr. Khalid I. Al-Anaysha Al-Dossary


  • 1. _________________________________________________________________________________________Declaration of FaithFive Daily PrayersAlms Tax on SavingsFasting in RamadanPilgrimage to Mecca

2. Before sunriseAt noonAfternoonAfter sunsetAfter darkand establish prayer for MyRemembrance (20:14), and to seekhelp in patience and prayer. (2:153)The prayer promotes self-disciplineand trains us to make a connectionwith God and keep it strong. 3. The ninth lunar monthCommemorates the revelationof the QuranFasting has been prescribedfor you as it was prescribedfor those before you so thatyou may learn Godconsciousness .. (Quran2:183)Fasting promotes self-control,patience and compassion for thepoor . 4. Required once in a lifetime Financial and physical ability To answer Gods call to thefirsthouse of worship on earth(3:96-97) ...Remembering the reason for ourexistence, which is to answerGods call with worship.Pilgrimage also reminds us ofour brotherhood and equalitybefore God, and resemblesstanding before Him on 5. The Islamiccalendar isbased on thelunar cycle...Hajj falls inthe lastmonth of theyear ...Hajj : An annual event12 Dhu Al-HijjahDays ofHajj 6. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Abraham The FoundingFather of Hajj Monotheist : As forme, I have setmyself, firmly andtruly, towards Him Whocreated the heavens andthe earth, and never shallI give partners to the [onetrue] God. (6:97) Muslim : When his Lordsaid to him, Submit! hepromptly responded, Ihave submitted to the Lord 8. Abraham The FoundingFather of Hajj 9. commemorates theway Abraham andIshmael carried outthe Gods order todo so as a token oftheir gratitude thatthey were asked toconstruct such asignificant andsacred house ofworship. 10. is the most significant rite of Hajj,as Prophet Muhammad said. It issaid to be the place of Abrahamsintended sacrifice. ProphetMuhammad gave his last sermonfrom this location, which wasattended by almost 100,000Muslims. He reconfirmed theimportance of equality, justice,tolerance and peace with allmankind, and confirmed thesanctity of honor, property andlife. 11. Praying on MountArafat 12. [Abraham] said, O my son! I haveseen in a dream that I must sacrifice you.So what do you think? He [Ishmael] said,O my father, do that which you arecommanded. If God so wills, you shall findme of the patient. So when they had bothsubmitted their wills [to God], and he laid himprostrate on his forehead [for sacrifice], Wecalled out to him, O Abraham! You haveindeed fulfilled your vision! Thus do wereward the righteous. And we ransomedhim with a momentous sacrifice. And We left[this reminder] for him among generationsin later times. (37:102-107) 13. Tomorrow Thursday Friday Saturday SundayHajj at a glimpse 14. The great gathering, thedress of white shrouds, andthe masses pleasfor forgiveness draws onesattention to his own death,resurrection and standingbefore God on JudgmentDay. Some peoples perception oflife is forever changed afterthe hajj ... 15. A visit to the first house of worship onearth; a duty to God ... Replicates the acts of Abraham and hisfamily, who were pure monotheists ... Reference is to the hajj ofMuhammad, who restored the correctpractices ... Stress on repentance, worshippingGod, resisting evil, and brotherhood. Re-establishes God as the focus of life...Hajj Summary


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