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Hair TransplantRestore your Hair line & Boost your Confidence.Deepam Meditours(Medical Tourism Company)

Hair TransplantHair transplant refers to a surgical process where healthy hair follicles are taken from the part of the body known as donor site and placed in the balding area on the scalp known as recipient site to allow natural hair growth.

Reason of Hair FallAndrogenic Alopecia-Male Pattern BaldnessStress Nutritional Deficiencies Dandruff Excessive Oily Scalp Thyroid imbalance Anaemia Hair Dye, Bleaching, Straightening etc

Candidates for Hair TransplantMust have healthy hair growth at the back and sides of the head to serve as donor areas.Confused about eligibility criteria ?Write to

Kind of Hair ProblemsBaldnessHair fall

Hair Transplant TechniqueMicro-Refined Micro follicular Hair Transplant (MMFT)FUT-Follicular Unit TransplantationFUE-Follicular Unit ExtractionRobotic Hair Transplant

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Micro follicular Hair Transplant (MMFT)Minimal post-op discomfort and early return to work.Absolutely natural hairline.Very high density and natural pattern of hair growth.Combines the best features of FUT and FUE.Painless process.Cost effective.

FUT-Follicular Unit TransplantationThis technique involves removal of a strip from the back portion of the head.Larger follicle to graft ratio.Much faster process

FUE-Follicular Unit ExtractionThis technique involves individual extraction of follicular units rather than the entire strip. No linear Scar Useful for small sessionsLimited to 800 to 1,000 follicular units at a time

Robotic Hair TransplantThe graft is done with the help of the robot that leads a perfect graft yield.Also known as Trans FER technique.Nearly 100 % graft survival.More sessions can be done in a short time period.Cost-effectiveness.

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What to Expect?Look youngerRestore hair lineEnhance overall appearanceIncreased self confidenceEnable hairs natural ability to grow

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