Hair Loss Natural Remedies for Women

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  1. 1. Hair Loss Natural Remedies for Women
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  3. 3. Hair Loss? What are the factors that causes Hair Loss? Ageing, Stress, Hormonal Imbalance, Genetic Factors, Strong Hair Products and specific Medicines are some factors that adds up to experience hair loss.
  4. 4. A person naturally loses 100 to 150 strands a day, normally. Each hair grows for a period of 2 to 6 years (Anagen), goes through a short dormant period (Catagen) and then falls out as the follicle pushes through a new hair (Telogen). When new hairs do not replace the old, there is a certain cause for concern.
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  6. 6. Remedies Available
  7. 7. Coconut Oil
  8. 8. Onion Juice
  9. 9. Aloe Vera
  10. 10. Licorice Roots
  11. 11. Coconut Milk