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  • Hair Laser Regrowth Therapy

  • Indeed hair causes vanity. Losing it is a destructive thought. Those who suffer from it will go to lengths to prevent the worst from coming. The thing is some of the products for hair lossare neither entirely safe nor effective. Fortunately though there is a certain treatment that is suitable for anyone: hair laser regrowth therapy.Vanity is the basis of everything, well at least, according to Gustave Flaubert. What he relays is that ego always winds up first on the list of important things to do so anything that threatens it is unacceptable. This is why hair loss creates so much horror.More and more people with alopecia are becoming interested in what hair laser regrowth therapy can do to ease their suffering. In fact, the only reason it remains less known is that it used to come with a high price tag. But what exactly is hair laser therapy?


  • In the context of hair loss, laser therapy refers to the application of a cold beam laser to treat the condition. This cold laser is called low-level laser which has been around for more than 35 years now. It first flourished in Europe to manage pain, injuries, and addiction. Today, low level laser is even utilized in the USA as a technique to restore hair.

    Hair laser regrowth therapy is a very potent solution to hair loss because its therapeutic focus is on the cellular level. Laser therapy induces photo-biostimulation, the natural process wherein light energy excites the mitochondria for better cellular performance. In this way, it nourishes the cells around the afflicted areas in the scalp and promotes regrowth of hair.Not all kinds of light energy are applicable for the same purpose however. An example is normal day light. Low level laser is different from natural light in that laser produces physiological changes. Unlike natural day light, low level laser is coherent, hence controllable.

  • Low level laser has been the subject of more than 2, 500 scientific researches worldwide. It is reported to bring numerous positive effects on the living cells.

    While laser therapy is helpful in so many ways, there are certain conditions for which laser therapy is not recommended. For the hair loss problem, LLLT only treats mild cases of hair loss. Theres the rub.

    Hair laser regrowth therapy requires commitment like other topical and prescription drugs for hair loss. Hair loss is considered to be chronic so when the therapy stops, the hair loss progresses.



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