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Lavadene Hair Extensions

Australia's Popular Hair Extensions Store

Hair Extension in Australia

Finding the right and most genuine hair extensions have always been a prime issue of concern. Most of extensions available in the market are either not of good quality or are not reliable as expected. In the world of hair extensions, Australia have improved a lot with number of options being offered to choose from.

Finding Hair Extensions Online At Lavadene Hair Extensions

Looking for hair extensions online? The Lavadene Hair Extensions is your destination.

Why Lavadene?

Australia's Popular Hair Extensions Store.

Over 10 years of experience.

Offers best quality.

Thoroughly examined and approved before supplying.

Great customer service.

Guaranteed 100% human hair

Everything about Hair Extensions

Hair extensions enable you to style your hair the way you desire.

They increase your hair length instantly.

Add to the volume and texture of your hair in a matter of a few minutes.

Extremely easy to install and remove.

A must-have hair accessory for every lady.

Types of Hair Extensions

Human hair

Synthetic hair

Blend (manufactured with the combination of both human and synthetic hair)

Human Hair

Looks very real.

Highly durable.

Can be maintained just like natural hair.

Behaves in the same way as your natural hair.

Can be dyed and styled as per your requirement.

Synthetic Hair

Strong and highly durable


Extremely easy to maintain

Shampoo in cold water

Cannot tolerate extreme heat

Coloring is not recommended

Does not look natural but is shinier

Basic Guidelines

Decide the exact length you wish.

Consider the thickness that complements your natural hair the most.

Always make sure that you place them 1 away from the hairline, sides, nape and part.

Try to place the extensions in between the layers of your hair.

Extension Methods

Clip-on Simply clip in between the layers of your natural hair.

Braid and sew Attach according to the flow of your hair and secure by sewing.

Bonding (fusion bonding) with the help of adhesive.

Most Popular Hair Extensions

Micro-bead hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions

Weft hair extensions

Micro-Bead Hair Extensions

Looped through natural hair then clamped by applying required pressure.

Easy to slide up and down.

Does not require glue, heat or rough pulling.

Reusable and cheap to maintain.

Can be straightened, curled, blow-dried and dyed.

Extension methods are also known as micro-cylinders, micro-links or copper bells.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Most preferred method of hair enhancement.

Are attached using pressure sensitive clips.

Does not cause any damage to your natural hair.

Requires minimum maintenance.

Can be used to add highlight to your hair.

Weft Hair Extensions

Can be used occasionally or permanently.

These are sewn extensions.

Very strong but thin.

Gives you a natural look.

Easy to install and remove.

Dos And Donts

Hang and store for extended lifespan.

Dye only when you need it.

Choose the one that matches your hair the best.

Wash with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Gently brush regularly.

Dos And Donts


Dos And Donts

Do not sleep while wearing your extensions.

Do not wash frequently.

Never wear your extensions while you go for sports.

Do not bleach in order to maintain its durability.

Rough brushing or simple brushing on wet hair is not recommended.


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