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  • Hair Care Tips for Short Hair

    Wearing your hair short has a lot of benefits. It can make you look cute, bold, daring, pixie-like however you want to spin it. A short hairstyle can be more effective at framing the best features of your face. Most of all, short hair is very easy to maintain.

    It's also quite easy to mess up short hair. That's because many women who wear their hair short get so taken in by the fact that their shorn tresses require very little maintenance that they forget to take care of their mane altogether. If you wear your hair short, you really need to know that you can't neglect your hair care routine just because it's short. Your tresses require as much care as they did when they were longer.

    How do you care for short hair? Here are a few tips to help you along.

    1. Use hair care products that will not weigh your mane down. It's sad to look at short hair that hangs limp and lifeless around your face. What that image says is you cut your locks because you absolutely have no time to take care of yourself. So do yourself a favor and keep your mane looking lively by using hair care products that are lightweight and work well with your hair type, such as the Kevin Murphy hair products. These products will provide the nourishment and moisture that your hair needs.

    2. Keep your hair looking sleek and neat with a hair straightener. One of the few problems that you can have with wearing your hair short is it becomes prone to flyaways. Your locks flip when you don't want them to flip, and sometimes your strands get out of line unless you apply a medium-hold mousse or gel. Unless you're going for the messy look, you should make your hair iron your new best friend. The heat from the hair straightener coaxes strands to stay in place as well as seals in the moisture and nutrients from the leave-on conditioner you applied beforehand. Make sure you invest only in the best and safest hair straighteners around, like the ghd hair straightener.

    3. Make a bottle of dry shampoo your other best friend. Regular shampoo, no matter how gently formulated it is, can still cause your hair to become dry if you wash with it daily. You don't need to shampoo your short do every day. To keep the dirt, gunk and odor out of your hair, just rub in some dry shampoo onto your roots and condition afterwards. The dry shampoo can clean your hair just as effectively as washing it. It will also add volume to your short locks.

    It's always great to have short hair. It keeps you cool when the weather is hot, it's very easy to maintain, and it makes you appear cute and trendy. As long as you give your tresses the care they need, you can always count on your short hairdo to stay looking the best as they can be.