Hair care for curly hair is important. here is a curls custom cocktailfor island girl hair care

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1. 866-999-2875 Hair Care for Curly Hair is Important. Here is a CURLS Custom Cocktailfor Island Girl Hair Care The island life is fun, its free and lets face it, it is full of sun and salt water; the two elements that can wreak havoc on your curly hairs hydration. Island girls need a specialized routine to combat the dryness. Although the sun and the salt have amazing benefits to the body, they do not come without a few side effects. The good news is that sun gives a natural lightening to the hair. You can save yourself some money and enjoy some free highlights, especially along your hairline. Salt water is known for purifying the body and the scalp. It pulls the impurities from your system and relieves your hair and scalp of fungus and other toxicants. However the salt water can make your hair and scalp feel dry and the UV Rays from the sun can zap moisture and oil from your hair strands. Here is what you can do to protect yourself. Before arriving at the beach, cover your hair in a rich conditioner. Tie your hair up in a fashionable head wrap to wear before entering the water. After swimming you should wrap your hair back up in your head wrap after towel blotting with a microfiber towel like Mimis Diva Dryer Hair towel. Immediately after leaving the beach, cleanse your hair urgently using CURLS 2. 866-999-2875 Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo. You do not want to let the salt bind to your hair, and absorb all of its moisture. Condition your hair with a rich deep penetrating conditioner like Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner, on these salty/sunny days. The heat of the sun can create the same damage as heat styling tools. You therefore want to heal your hair before any damage occurs. Continue with your hair care for curly hair regime by applying your daily moisturizing spray, CURLS Quenched Curls Moisturizer, this can also be used as a curl refresher. After applying, you can proceed to style. Women of the islands like their hair, the same way they like their island; care free and beautiful. You need a product that enhances shine, defines curls, but does not weigh down your strands. Here are a styling few options: CURLS Milkshake Curl Cream- Fine curly hair will benefit from the light consistency of this cream. While it hydrates it defines, defrizzes to style your carefree hair. CURLS Souffl Curl Cream- Great for medium density curls for styling while adding moisture and sheen. CURLS Whipped Cream Curl Cream- Ideal for thick, kinky textures to clump curls together, while holding moisture in the hair shaft. The decadent scents of these curl Creams will have you swooning for days. For extra hold and definition, finish with one of the CURLS Curl Control pastes. Now, in the islands sun is always present. Your last and final step is to protect your strands daily by applying your CURLS Quenched Curls Curl Moisturizer to activate and rehydrate your tendrils. About Us Curls is a big name in the field of curly hair care products, hair tips, multi ethnic hair, African American hair, etc. We deal with all aged people and provide a complete satisfaction to women, babies and men. Professionals of curls guide you how to keep your hair curly and provide you useful tips for summer hair care. Visit website and meet our professionals for complete take care of your curly hairs. Contact Us 3. 866-999-2875