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A portfolio of the projects completed in my Visual Media class.




    21 N. Pine Ave. Sugar City, ID 83448





    3. LOGOS

    4. MONTAGE




    8. WEBPAGE

    9. FLIER

  • ONE EVENT ADDESCRIPTION An ad for a charity event using only Microsoft Word and a scanned image.

    Programs Microsoft Word 2013

    Date 01.31.15

    CourseVisual Media

    Instructor Ben Pingel

    Objectives Create an ad that would attract performers and audience members.

    ProcessThe first thing I did was find a rad image to scan. I found my image on the back cover of a Bryan Adams record. I used a campus scanner to scan in my image. I then downloaded a few fonts I thought fit the mood and started building a design element out of my text. I then chose a charity and utilized their logo in my design.

  • 27 February

    2nd East Main Street

    Rexburg, ID


    Rexburg Arts Council

    Foundation United States Artists

    Presents Battle Of The bands

    All proceeds go to

    For Audition information:


    Admittance 5 dollars at the door

  • TWO BROCHUREDESCRIPTION A folding brochure.

    Programs Adobe CC Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign


    CourseVisual Media

    InstructorBen Pingel

    ObjectivesAlign a folded document. Learn how to wrap text. Learn paragraph styling.

    ProcessI first designed a logo in InDesign using the rectangle tool and a couple fonts I downloaded. I then found images I thought would work in my design. I then opened them in Photoshop and edited them to fit my design. I needed information in my brochure so I pro-ceeded to type up my text. I then opened an InDesign document and started creating. I used the rectangle tool to create a couple design elements to ad to my images and text.

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    M O U N T A I N S P A

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  • THREE LOGOSDESCRIPTION Design three different logos with three seperate color schemes.

    Programs Adobe CC Illustrator

    Date 02.21.15

    CourseVisual Media

    InstructorBen Pingel

    ObjectivesLearn how to use Illustrator in logo design.

    ProcessFirst I went on Google to get some inspiration. I really like the sim-ple modern look. I used the rectangle tool to create the letters V and L for logo. I then used the circle tool and chose a font for the name. My second design was slightly based off of the V and L in the name. I used the rectangle tool to create the V and L, then used the pathway tool to seperate each chape and fill in the triangles. My final design was created with the star shape tool and line tool.



  • FOUR MONTAGEDESCRIPTION Combine 2 or more photos in a montage with a spiritual theme.

    ProgramsAdobe CC Photoshop


    CourseVisual Media

    Instructor Ben Pingel

    ObjectivesLearn how to combine photos by using masking and feathering.

    ProcessI first looked on lds.org to find an image that I loved. I found two image that worked together. I then looked for a quote that went with the theme. I feathered the lamp image and dragged it onto the other image using a layer mask. I then entered the quote in and did some final editing, including a sharpening filter.

  • FIVE LETTERHEADDESCRIPTION Create a letterhead that matches a business card set.

    ProgramsAdobe CC Illustrator and InDesign.

    Date 02.28.15

    CourseVisual Media

    InstructorBen Pingel

    ObjectivesLearn how to incorporate logos and information into a functioning letterhead.

    ProcessI first created a logo in Illustrator using the rectangle tool. I then dragged the logo onto the letterhead. I used the rectangle tool to create my water mark. I also used the recatngle tool for the top line.

  • 212.569.2352 - 611 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10021 - hailey@veralee.com - veraleedesignco.com

  • SIX BUSINESS CARDDESCRIPTION Create a business card and matching letterhead.

    Programs Adobe CC Illustrator and InDesign


    Course Visual Media

    InstructorBen Pingel

    ObjectivesLern how to incorporate a logo into an informative business card.

    ProcessI first used the rectangle tool to create the border of the car. I then put the logo inside the square. I downloaded a font I liked and put all the information in.

  • 212.569.2352611 Fifth AvenueNew

    York, NY 10022veraleedesignco.comhailey@


  • SEVEN PHOTODESIGNDESCRIPTIONCreate a photo design using different design elements and color swatches.

    Programs Adobe CC Photoshop

    Date 02.07.15

    CourseVisual Media

    Instructor Ben Pingel

    ObjectivesLearn to use photo elements and a color swatch to send a message with your photo and text.

    ProcessFirst thing I did was find a model. We then went to an indoor loca-tion and shot some portrait shots. I chose my shot and edited it in Photoshop. I chose a quote that I thought fit the photo. I chose col-ors out of the picture and incorpoorated them into my design.

  • EIGHT WEBPAGEDESCRIPTIONCreate a webpae using html and CSS.

    Programs Notepad++

    Date 03.14.15

    Course Visual Media

    InstructorBen Pingel

    ObjectivesLearn the basics of html and CSS to create a webpage with a logo and color scheme.

    ProcessI chose my favorite logo from my logos project and used that color scheme. I then changed the border stroke. I moved the logo to the middle as well. I then typed up my body copy and chose fonts and sizes that worked well.

  • NINE FLIERDESCRIPTION Create a black and white flier for a Leadership Conference.

    Programs Adobe CC InDesign

    Date 01.24.15

    CourseVisual Media

    InstructorBen Pingel

    ObjectivesLearn the basic principles of InDesign.

    ProcessI chose a photo and logo from the choices given. I used the rectan-gle tool to create my design elements and downloaded some fonts I liked. I aligned the text and the boxes and finished the project.

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