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L’évolution d’une communauté d’utilisateurs d’un système fermé (BeOS) disparu puis réapparu pour disparaître encore, vers un nouveau groupe de personnes, développeurs et utilisateurs, plaçant leurs espoirs dans le logiciel Libre : Haiku.De la genèse du projet à son inscription dans l’écosystème du logiciel Libre, conflits de licences ou de personnes, désertions, peur des réorientations, l’ouverture ne vient pas toujours de soi, et les minorités doivent parfois faire leur place en combattant les trolls, même au sein de la famille du Libre. Mais tout est bien qui finit bien.


  • 1. Free Software Operating System 2009-11-17fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr

2. What is Haiku? Operating System Desktop focused (x86) Free Software (MIT licence) From the ground up (no Linux, no X11) Inspired by the BeOS C/C++ Keep It Smart & Simple Binary compatibility as goal for R12009-11-17 fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 3. History Started 2001 as OpenBeOS June 2002: NewOS Kernel forked June 2004: New name: Haiku Sept. 2009: R1/alpha1 2009-11-17 fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 4. Features Modular kernel Preemptive SMP Not a kernel as in Tanenbaum Just enough POSIX C++ API Kits (App, Support, Interface...) OpenBFS Typed and indexable extended attributes Live Queries 2009-11-17fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 5. Community Spawned from the BeOS community Macintosh and Amiga roots Used to proprietary systems But also free as in beer (BeOS R5 Personal Edition) Newcomers Developers & users seeking lighter FOSS OS Academia Google Summer of Code University of Auckland (Auckland Layout Model, Ph.D ?) 2009-11-17fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 6. Why MIT licence ? After Be, Inc. demise... Need to maintain the BeOS spirit Rewrite Fear of proprietary vendor failure and focus shifts Need to own the source code Need for a FOSS licence Still allows easy commercial attempts You cannot avoid GPL vs BSD trolls anyway :^)2009-11-17 fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 7. FOSS projects reuse Why reinvent the wheel ? Concentrate on the project itself Existing projects Maintained Portable Compatible licence-wise When correctly integrated appear as native 2009-11-17 fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 8. FOSS projects reuse examples Anti-Grain Geometry (drawing in app_server) FreeType 2 (font rendering in app_server) GNU tools & glibc FreeBSD network drivers (+ abstraction layer) FFmpeg (LGPL) libavcodec media add-on Translation Kit add-ons using libpng, libjpeg... And many others...2009-11-17fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 9. Academic value Full Operating System from kernel to GUI OO design and C/C++ courses SMP, threading and synchronization primitives VFS, OpenBFS design Smaller than GNU/Linux while still real-world Easier to understand Clean Device Driver Interface Driver sample code + userland access PowerPC, ARM, MIPS and m68k ports 2009-11-17 fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr 10. Resources Main website: http://haiku-os.org/ Trac + SVN: http://dev.haiku-os.org/ irc://irc.freenode.org/haiku http://ports.haiku-files.org/ http://dev.osdrawer.net/projects/ 2009-11-17 fOSSa - Franois Revol - revol@free.fr