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1. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Hacking on IoT Devices and Drones IBM Emerging Technologies IBM Bluemix Advocates Bluemix.net 2. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Hackathon Overview Build an Internet of Things application that utilizes IBM Bluemix, IBM's Cloud App Dev Platform Prizes for teams with up to 5 members Each member of the winning team will get a GoPro HERO4 BLACK Each member of the second winning team will get a Pebble Watch 3. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Logistics Date: Thursday 18th, 6:45 PM 9:30 PM, Room A Teams with up to five members should be formed as soon as possible, in the best case before the hackathon Some Internet of Things devices will be provided but participants can also bring their own ones Food and drinks will be provided Starting at 8:45 PM teams will do 3 minutes pitches to present their solutions Winners will be announced before 9:30 PM 4. @ibmbluemix#bluemix The Challenge Build an application that leverages IBM Bluemix and the IoT service If you havent registered, sign up for an IBM id on bluemix.net Since there with limited time for the Hackathon on Thursday, participants are encouraged to form teams, define ideas and/or start coding even before the event These devices can be borrowed (first come first serve, one per team) Parrot AR drones Sphero balls Texas Instruments LaunchPads 5. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Judging Done by IBM and Devoxx program committee Criteria Innovation Creativity Practical Use Future Proof Reusability (incl. screenshots, photos and/or documentation) 6. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Getting Started IBM provides several ways to get started as easily as possible with Bluemix and IoT Tutorial: http://bit.ly/bluemix-iot-tutorial Internet of Things Foundation Starter and Service: http://bit.ly/bluemix-iot-starter http://bit.ly/bluemix-iot-service Samples: http://bluemixdemo.com MQTT client libraries: http://mqtt.org/software Recipes: https://developer.ibm.com/iot MQTT test application: http://mqtt-helper.mybluemix.net 7. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Getting Started Parrot Parrot AR Drone http://ardrone2.parrot.com/ Instructions http://devoxx-hackathon.mybluemix.net/ Sample https://github.com/IBM-Bluemix/parrot-ar-sample 8. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Getting Started Sphero Orbotix Sphero http://www.gosphero.com/sphero/ Drive Sphero via URL commands and Android app: https://github.com/IBM-Bluemix/sphero-bluemix-android Drive Sphero via URL commands and iOS app: https://github.com/IBM-Bluemix/sphero-bluemix-ios Use speech recognition to steer Sphero: https://github.com/IBM-Bluemix/sphero-bluemix-speech Remote control: https://github.com/IBM-Bluemix/sphero-bluemix-remotecontrol 9. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Getting Started TI LaunchPad Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3200-launchxl Starter https://github.com/IBM-Bluemix/bluemix-ti-board-starter 10. @ibmbluemix#bluemix Mentors Ask us for Help David Boloker Mark VanderWiele Ryan Baxter James Thomas Niklas Heidloff


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