Hackacle Hardware for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Hackable Hardware for the Internet of Things

Hackable Hardware for the Internet of Things(an incomplete overview, by Nicolas Saint-Arnaud)April 2015

OverviewWhat is the Internet of Things ?Components: processor, battery, I/O, wirelessDevelopment BoardsDemos!

The Internet of ThingsHome AutomationWearablesEverything else = IoT


demo: home auto


Inputs and Outputs(I/O)



one year on coin battery!throw battery

Wireless CommunicationWiFiBLE: Bluetooth Low EnergyMesh networking in Home Automation: Z-Wave, Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)

Development BoardsArduinoRaspberry PiLightBlue Beanmbientlab MetaWearElectric ImpLittleBitsMore

No Arduino - tend to be expensive but lots and lots of shields

Raspberry Pi$20 to $35Linux + PythonHDMI out, audio out, USBup to 17 digital I/O pinsWiFi USB $10camera module $25

really good value - full computer!HDMI = hi def videoLinux + Python = easy to hackshow WiFi, SD card, IR camera

LightBlue Bean

$30BLEoperates on coin battery ~1 week6 digital I/O pins, 2 analog pins3-axis accelerometer, temperature sensorWireless programming (C language, Arduino compatible)iOS, Android, OSX, Windows 8

ideal for data logger applications like monitor the temperature of my wine fridgeunlock car when cell phone gets in range

mbientlab MetaWear$45BLEcomes with rechargeable 100mAH lithium battery ~ 1-2 weeks4 analog/digital pins + 4 digital pins26mm x 17mm x 2.5mmtemperature sensor, vibratoriOS, Android


Electric Imp$30 + $13 breakout boardWiFi with BlinkUp (TM)2 analog/digital pins + 4 digital pinsSquirrel LanguageCloud infrastructure32mm x 24mm x 2.1mmiOS, Android

more I/O with external chip

LittleBits CloudBit

$100 for CloudBit starter kit magnetic plug and play

IFTTT demoThe Internet of Things salutes AngelHack!

Intel Edison ~$50 WiFi, BLE, USB, GPIOSpark Photon ~$20 WiFi, GPIO many more coming out

Troubleshooting Hardware

Saleae Logic analysersstarting at $109OSX, Windows, Linuxhttps://www.saleae.com/

show it!

Hackable Hardware for the Internet of Things

Nicolas Saint-Arnaud - nsaintarnaud@yahoo.com