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The first Iton Olami produced by Habonim Dror Amlat. El primer Iton Olami producido por Habonim Dror Amlat



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    Welcome everyone to the first edition of Habonim Dror Olami iton. We are all very excited and anxious

    about this new initiative which we hope will become part of our culture and global nexus.

    It is much more that unites us (values, principles, ideology) that the distance that separates us.

    Finally thank all the countries who were present and we invite those not a party in future editions.

    Without more we left you with the first Iton Olami.


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    Based on universal values and on values that derive from jewish tradition, Habonim Dror Uruguay was founded in the year 1956 on the basis of Solidarity, Comradeship, Democracy and Social Justice, always educating towards the development of enterprising, critic and active young men and women. We aspire to be a Tnua that`s a leader by its activism in our community, organizing activities of great meaning for the education of our Chaverim. Every Saturday we organize educational and recreational activites for approximately 200 Chaverim between the ages of 4 and 21. The activities are held in our own ken, and they follow a specially designed educational program, which emphasizes our main values and contents. This way every kid between 4 and 16 years old are organized in groups according to their age, and recieve activities from their madrichim, who work voluntarily. We srongly believe in the fight against assimilation in Uruguay, and that`s why we count with a project which`s main goal is to bring near families that have been away from judaism, through meetings and giving them reading material so they can celebrate jaguim and shabat. In summer all the Chaverim participate in our great year event, the Machane Kaitz, a scoutic summer camp. This camp is the ideal framework to strengthen the educational contents transmitted along the year and the sense of beloning to our movement. In order to carry out their tasks the better way possible, our madrichim are prepared permanently, through leadership courses, seminars, trainings and activities held at our house. In addition, most of them travel to Israel, and take part in a one year programin which they have the opportunity to experience a collective way of living, spending 4 months in a kibbutz, where they learn hebrew and work in several places.

    The next 2 months are spent working as volunteers in non formal educational places with ethiopian kids or teaching english to arab children, living meanwhile in an urban comuna in the south of the country. The last 5 months are dedicated to study in an education and leadership center in Jerusalem. In Montevideo (Uruguay`s capital city) we have our Ken, called Ken Igal Alon ve Itzjak Rabin, named after these personalities of Israel`s politic, who faught for peace and the wellbeing of their people.

    Ale Ve Hagshem Guillermo Wajner

    Mazkir Jutz


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    Habonim Dror Brazil is the biggest and strongest jewish youth movement in the country. There are 7 snifim: Recife, Salvador, Ro de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, San Pablo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre, where 450 chaverim attend every Saturday. Our work focuses in young jews from 6 to 22 years old, and takes place in two levels: locally and in the Snif Artzit. The shichavot are divided in: - Shichvot Tzeirot: Chalutzim, Guiborim, Tzofim, Solelim and Solelim Alef Beit. - Shichvot Bogrot: Bonim, Mordim, and Maapilim Magshimim. Alter the year in Magshimim (18 and 19 year olds) we have the Shnat Hachshara, main part of our educational process. Durin this year, our Javerim learn so they can come back and turn into Bogrim, each one in their own snif and also at a national level. Locally, we run weekly activities aiming kids from 6 to 13 years old, and for this age group we have 2 local machanot (choref and kaitz) in each city. Also we often take part in different projects and local community events. At Artzi level, we work in the homogeneity of the snifim, for which we count with the Hagshem Project, that is a group of tochniot specifically designed for each shichva. With this, we make sure that the chinuch process that occurs in all Brazil is the same. This help us achieve the goal of national unity, according to which we are all under the same rules, mentioned in our statutes, and we base our educational work in our Educational Tora, document that deals with thinkers as Piaget, Janusz Korczak, Paulo Freire, and others. Even at nacional level we have our Artzi framworks: every 2 years we do 2 machanot (choref and kaitz), Haboniadas (sport and cultural event, created in honor of a chanicha from the Snif Curitiba that passed away in Shnat) and a Peguishat Hanagot) where each hanaga from each city get together. This year, in addition to the work at national level we are building a much stronger relation with Habonim Dror Argentina and Uruguay. At the beggining of 2009 we had the Seminar Jazon and an Hanagot seminar in march, where the 3 countries participated in order to think ideas and projects together. This is still a new relation One last thing is that this year the construction of a new Snif in Manaus began. It has been a while since the jewish community in Manaus and Habonim Dror are strengthening bonds. The reality is that this community lacks youth movements, most of its young population don`t take part in community activities and the future for this community is uncertain.

    That`s why we were very interested to set up Habonim Dror there, to cover this necessity of jewish education, and why we took this challenge.

    Habonim Dror will make sure tha jewish tradition isn`t lost and that they can get in touch with other brazilian jews as well. After meeting with de President of CIAM (Jewish Community of Amazonas), we finalized the agreement. We held 2 workshops to train madrichim, future founders of the Snif Manaus, one in september and other in october. Luckily, we came across with people very commited to the cause; the activities with children are starting in a few days and some Chaverim already participated from our Machane Artzit. We are very excited with this new Snif, being a project that took a lot of work and effort, but very rewarding. The last Snif created had been Belo Horizonte in 1982, so it makes very interesting for the new generations to experiment the creation of a new Snif.

    Ale VeHagshem,

    Raizel Rechtman

    Mazk Artzit


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    At Habonim Dror North America this year we are thrilled to be celebrating our 75th anniversary! Though weve changed a lot over the years our essence remains true to our roots, and this is nowhere more evident than in our pride and joy, our undeniable anchor, our seven Machanot Kayitz. From California and British Columbia in the West, to Michigan and Ontario in the center, and out to New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland in the East, our Machanot envelop over 1300 chevrei tnua in a loving, energetic, and creative Jewish environment for anywhere from two weeks to two months. This has been a proud year for Habonim Dror Kenim across all of North America, with over 150 ken events taking place in 15 different cities. And this was also a year of looking ahead as for the first time each of the Machanot participated in one of three regional Hadracha Seminars: West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest. As we approach the 75th year of Habonim in North America, we anxiously prepare for a year of even greater success, with new projects in Philadelphia and DC, a new ken in Boston, and much much more.


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    Habonim-Dror BeHolland is one of the many branches of the world famous socialist-zionist youth movement. Founded after the Second World War, with the help of the British Habonim-branch, Habonim-Dror BeHolland became one of the bigger Habo-countries in the world. With almost 400 members (including approximately 80 active madrichim), a shlicha and a beautiful moadon in Amsterdam, it is the biggest Jewish youth movement in the Netherlands. Habonim-Dror BeHolland organizes two machanot (choref and kayits), five weekends, two madrichimseminars, a Passover seder and peulot every two weeks. Furthermore, Habonim-Dror BeHolland organizes the yearly Israel tour, the chazon seminar and madrichimtours to Israel. This year, we have eight shnatties in Israel, which is a lot for our relatively small branch, without a clear shnat hachsharah-culture. Our chanichim are divided into JKs (JK stands for Youth Camp, because in the early days, kvutzot had their own machanot): JK1: 7-9 years old (amelim) JK2: 9-11 years old (amelim) JK3: 11-13 years old (chotrim) JK4: