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Onshore Interac-ve Gambling in the Netherlands Simon Holliday H2 Gambling Capital Gaming in Holland Amsterdam 23 June 2014 www.h2gc.com AGENDA Interac-ve Gambling Market Update EU28 Market Trends Dot Country Markets - Recent Performance Current NL Gambling Market Dot NL Expecta-ons / Changes Interac-ve Gambling Market Update Con-nued Overall Strong Growth Dot Com Markets Developing Regions Product Innova-on Mobile Channel Weaker Performance Onshore Regulated Markets Poker 2013 Globally Interac-ve Gambling Up 7.8% to 26.5bn Current Year a Further 13% of Growth to 30.0bn Globally 8.3% of Gross Gambling Revenues are Now Interac-ve (8.9% 14 /10.2% 18) Highest in the Nordics where mid-30%'s UK mid-to High 20%'s Southern Europe s-ll Low to Mid-Single Digit Dutch Market Currently 11% - Onshore Regula-on by 2018 14% (20% Gross Win Tax) to 18% (10% Gross Win Tax) Onshore Ac-vity Accounted for 40% of Global Interac-ve Revenues 2013 / Expected to be 52% by 2018 Low Point Just Under 30% in 2006 EU28 Market Trends All Gambling 11.6bn Gross Win 2013 - 14% of Total with 41% Onshore 14.2% Growth Expected in Current Year Bebng and Gaming Only 10.1bn - 20% of Total with 33% Onshore 12.5% Growth Expected in the Current Year UK - Largest European Market 2.96bn (bebng and gaming only) 29% of the Total European Market Just 18% Onshore (Going Forward PoC to Capture Taxa-on for the Treasury) 6 Fully Compe--ve Markets Up and Running with Bebng and Gaming Gross Wins Totalling 2bn in 2013 Another 1.3bn in Monopoly Markets or Those Restricted to Land Licensees A Number of Other Markets Expected 2014-15 EU Dot Country Markets - Recent Performance Current Year Expec-ng 7.9% Dot Country Mkt a Growth vs EU28 Average 14.9% Lower GDP Growth Total Value Onshore Bebng and Gaming Ac-vity Approaching 2.1bn Oshore Ac-vity Sta-c c900m Overall Ini-al Market Upside Expected Upon Onshore Regula-on Combined On and Oshore Will Grow the Market Amount will Depend on Tax Rate / Any Other Restric-ons New Onshore Market Will Not Surpass the Size of Previous Oshore Market at 20% Gross Win Tax (Closer to 15% to Achieve this) Channelling Average c70% Can Vary From Less than 50% (Highest Tax / Lack of Product Ver-cals / No Interna-onal Pooling) To 85% Op-mal Likely to be 95-97% Structural Restric-ons on Growth Beyond Market Launch Where Applicable Domes-c Liquidity Bigger Factor / Cri-cal Mass to Develop Momentum Predominantly the Same Operators Moving Onshore / Development of Local Monopolies' Oer Ini-al Land-grabs - Market Sehles Operators Cau-ous as Paying Tax on Bonuses which can be as High as 20% in Dot Com Gaming Aliates Opera-ons Current NL Gambling Market Netherlands 15th Largest Gambling Market in the World (7th Largest in the World Average Gross Win per Adult 164 (25th World/ 14th EU28) EU28 Average 193 % of GDP Accounted for by Gambling c0.40% (EU28 Average c0.65%) 0.0# 0.5# 1.0# 1.5# 2.0# 2.5# 2003# 2004# 2005# 2006# 2007# 2008# 2009# 2010# 2011# 2012# 2013# Land# Interac6ve# Be#ng& 4%& Gaming& 52%& Lo1eries& 44%& NL Total Gambling Gross Win (bn)"NL Gross Win by Product" Be#ng& 14%& Gaming& 48%& Lo1eries& 38%& EU Gross Win by Product" EU Total Gambling Gross Win (bn)" 0" 10" 20" 30" 40" 50" 60" 70" 80" 90" 2003" 2004" 2005" 2006" 2007" 2008" 2009" 2010" 2011" 2012" 2013" Land" Interac5ve" Dot NL Expecta-ons On Going Changes Changes to Our Approach / Key Drivers IMF GDP Forecasts Evolu-on of Benchmark Markets Adjustments in the Mix of Benchmark Markets Allowance for any Change of Pace in Current Marke-ng Changes in Regula-on / More Detailed Assessment of the Exact Similari-es / Dierences with the Dot DK Regula-on Dot NL Expecta-ons Currently An-cipated that the Oshore Dutch Market will be Worth c225m in the Current Year With a 20% Gross Win Tax Onshore Bebng and Gaming Ac-vity First Full Year Could Range From c150m (29% GWT) to c300m (10% GWT) Ini-al Bebng and Gaming Channelling Could Vary from 60% to 90% Latest Update of Model / Start Date Execu-ve Market Report 0" 50" 100" 150" 200" 250" 300" 350" 400" 2013" 2014e" 2015e" 2016e" 2017e" 2018e" Onshore" Oshore" Be#ng& 47%& Casino& 32%& Poker& 11%& Bingo/ Other& 10%& NL Interactive Gambling Gross Win (m)" NL Interactive Gambling Gross Win by Product" Further Details: Simon Holliday H2 Gambling Capital simon.holliday@h2gc.com www.h2gc.com H2 Annual Gambling Data & Market Intelligence Subscrip:on Service Online Access for Unlimited Users within an Organisa5on to Over 250 Datasets, Reports and Updates with c1,000 New and Updated Pos5ngs Expected in the Coming 12 Months Including Netherlands Updated Dataset / Execu5ve Market Report(Slide Deck Format) in July


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