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  • Gymnastics NSW Policy Page 1 of 31

    Gymnastics NSW

    Gymnastics For All TECHNICAL HANDBOOK

    POLICY NAME: GFA Technical Handbook

    DATE OF ISSUE: February 2015

    POLICY COVERAGE: All Gymnastics NSW GFA events & activities

    DATE OF REVIEW: February 2016


  • Gymnastics NSW Policy v3 Page 2 of 31

    Contents Page Abbreviations 3

    National Gymsports Commission 3

    GNSW GFA Sports Management Committee 3

    Sub Committees 4

    Final Consideration 4

    GFA SMC Meeting Schedule 4

    Gymnastics For All 5

    GFA Gymnastics Sport Policies 6

    Regulations for Coaches 6

    Regulations for Judges/Adjudicators 7

    Coaching Information 8

    Programs 9-13

    Kindergym Programs 9

    Gym Mix Program 10

    Team Gym Program 11

    Stepping Stones Program 12

    Get up and Cheer Program 12

    Events Opportunities 14-16

    GNSW Performance Teams 17

    Travelling overseas 18

    GFA SMC Structure 19

    GFA SMC Duty Statements 20-24

    Annual Awards 25

    GFA Coach of the Year Criteria 26

    GFA Club of the Year Criteria 27

    Kindergym Club and Coach of the Year Criteria 28

    Inclusions Club of the Year Criteria 29

    Appendix 1 – Application for sanctioning 20-21

  • Gymnastics For All – 2015 Technical Handbook

    Gymnastics NSW Policy v3 Page 3 of 31


    The FIG Code of Points and Technical Regulations and the Gymnastics Australia Technical

    Commission Regulations provide governance for Gymnastics for All programs. This

    handbook provides technical regulations, competition rules, apparatus specifications as

    well as general information relating to GFA in NSW with regard to Interclub and State


    ABBREVIATIONS Definitions


    National Technical Director Justin Hayes

    General Member Programs 0-12yrs

    Nicole Colev

    General Member Programs 13+ yrs

    Jillian Arthur

    General Member Events and Activities

    Ben Cork

    General Member Education

    Brooke Sergeant

    National Sports Development Manager (SDM)

    Petrina Hutchinson Email


    The GFA SMC consists of the following elected positions:

    Technical Director Ben Cork Phone: Email:

    0402 882 362

    Team Gym Coordinator*

    Bernie Spedding Phone: Email:

    0413 415 912

    Kindergym Coordinator*

    Lesley Gilbey Phone: Email:

    4365 5545

    Inclusions Coordinator*

    Judy Tolhurst Phone: Email:

    0413 033 170

    Performance Coordinator

    Michaela Pendleton Phone: Email:

    4365 5545

    Initiative Program Coordinator*

    Matt Angel Phone: Email:

    0408 607 883

    GNSW Events & Sports Development Officer

    Natalie Jaques Phone: Email:

    8116 4113

    GFA SMC GNSW Gymnastics For All Sports Management Committee

    GFA NGC GFA National Gymsport Commission

    GNSWPT GNSW Performance Team

    ESDO Events and Sport Development Officer

    FIG International Gymnastics Federation

    ALP Australian Levels Program

    GA Gymnastics Australia

  • Gymnastics For All – 2015 Technical Handbook

    Gymnastics NSW Policy v3 Page 4 of 31

    The NSW GFA Management Commission (SMC) in conjunction with the GNSW

    GFA Events and Sports Development Officer (ESDO) is committed to the following


     Increase participation and provide support for clubs to

    continue growth in the sport.

     Ensure educational programs are provided to train and develop both coaches

    and judges.

     Enhance communication within the GFA community.

     Coordinate well run and economically viable competitions.

     Strive for the premier position in the GFA National.

     Evaluate dedicated venue for GFA events.


    The Gymnastics For All Sports Management Commission may at their discretion

    create sub committees* to meet specific needs and appoint members to those sub

    committees – e.g.; competition sub-committee.


    The GNSW GFA SMC shall be master of its own procedures.

    Where any event occurs that is not elsewhere provided in these regulations, any

    decision or action required shall be decided by a simple majority vote of the

    Committee, whose determination of the matter shall be final and not to be construed

    as having set a precedent.

    Where by error or omission any of the foregoing regulations shall require

    interpretation, the original intent of the Committee in the framing of the subject

    regulation shall prevail, rather than the letter of the law.

    The GNSW GFA SMC Technical Handbook will prevail over any other document or



    The GNSW GFA SMC will meet at least four times per year on the 2nd Thursday of each

    school Holidays. Notification of a meeting will be emailed out 2 weeks prior to the

    meeting. Any agenda items should be forwarded to the GFA ESDO at least 1 week

    prior to the scheduled meeting who will then add it to the agenda for the next


    Minutes from the meetings will be put on the GNSW website in the GFA specific

    section under the sub-heading Management Committee.

  • Gymnastics For All – 2015 Technical Handbook

    Gymnastics NSW Policy v3 Page 5 of 31

    Foundation Skills

    • Kindergym Program

    Fundamental Skills

    • Gym Fun Program

    • Gym Skills Program

    Refining Skills

    • Team Gym

    • Performance/Display Team

    • Get up & Cheer

    • Aero Schools

    • Step 2 Connect

    Life Style

    • International Performance opportunities

    • Veterns

    • Team Gym

    • Live 2 Move


    Gymnastics For All is a sport for everybody and a sport for Life, regardless of age,

    gender or ability. It is the perfect activity to prepare children for long term

    participation in sport and develops vital life skills. Gymnastics for All:

     Is lots of fun.

     Develops balance, co-ordination and confident body movement.

     Builds self-esteem, strength and flexibility, preparing the body & mind for life's


     Provides heaps of there is something for everyone

     Is a sport for life.

     Is conducted within a safe environment which caters for personal growth

    and development.

     Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life.

    Gymnastics For all is the basis of all Gymsports and a Gymsport in its own right.

    Clubs can utilise Gymnastics for all as a starting point for teaching the

    fundamentals, before gymnasts specialise in any of the other 6 Gymsports.

    Alternatively, clubs may focus on developing gymnasts with diverse skills,

    adaptable to a variety of movement experiences.

    Gymnastics for all has been categorised by the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) into the following areas:  Gymnastics on and with traditional, innovative or creative apparatus

     Playful apparatus gymnastics

     Floor exercise and gymnastics

     Gymnastics with and without hand apparatus

     Rhythmic gymnastics, Jazz gymnastics and jazz dance

    Modern dance aerobic gymnastics activities which contribute to the health and

    wellbeing of participants. Kindergym and Cheerleading fall into the above

    categories and therefore come under the Gymnastics For All banner.

    The Table below shows the pathway of a GFA Athlete.

  • Gymnastics For All – 2015 Technical Handbook

    Gymnastics NSW Policy v3 Page 6 of 31


    The following rules, conditions and procedures apply to all Gymnastics NSW

    GFA Gymnastics Competitions. These conditions may not be varied without

    prior approval from the GNSW GFA SMC.



    Coaches are on display while at GNSW competitions. To ensure professional

    presentation to the public, all coaches must be properly attired at GNSW

    events. Coaches who do not conform to the competition attire

    requirements as listed below can be asked by the Competition Coordinator

    to leave the competition/warm up floor.

     Tracksuit


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