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Guyanese Online Most Popular Entries - August 2016 Click entry to view it on the blog

1. GUYANA and CARIBBEAN RECIPES 2. Olympic hopeful Matt Centrowitz Jr Guyanese roots 3. Statistics and names of ethnic cleansing during the PPPs reign

By Freddie Kissoon 4. Old Jet Magazines from 1950 onwards updated 5. The End Of Johnnie Walker reports inaccurate 6. Splendid Collection of 378 Photos of Guyana By Deborah

Strott 7. I will Follow Him by a Nuns Choir conductor Andre Rieu

video 8. Guyana Education: CXC-CSEC MAY/JUNE 2015 Individual

candidate performances 9. CHINESE ADVICE TO 50-YEAR OLDS & OLDER 10. Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana 11. POMEROON CLOSENESS by Dave Martins + 2 videos 12. Caribbean: A Ferry Between the Islands? Two to Set Sail Soon 13. GUYANA: LIST OF CABINET MINISTERS 20 May 2015

Updated 23 May 2015 14. Friends of Chanderpaul Cricket Game and Benefit Dinner NY

August 20, 2016 15. Guyana Latest News from various sources August 13, 2016 16. *GUYANESE ONLINE INTRODUCTION 17. Rio 2016: Matt Centrowitz Wins Team USAs First 1,500m Gold

Since 1908 + Guyanese roots 18. Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine

July 2016 19. Bribery Has Become The Norm By Annan Boodram 20. Guyana awaits oil dollars By Bert Wilkinson 21. Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter July 2016 + video on

Buxton 22. Hot Hot Chutney Party Mix ! (Non-Stop Party & Dance Songs) 23. Guyana Latest News from various sources August 9, 2016 24. Guyana Latest News from various sources August 6, 2016 25. Richmond Hill, New York: Too Many RIPs By Dr. Dhanpaul

Narine 26. Guyana Latest News from various sources August 26, 2016 27. Jamun or Jamoon a very useful fruit 28. The Power of Nyet The USAs loss of power by Dmitry Orlov 29. Guyana Latest News from various sources August 20, 2016 30. WE MUST EMBRACE ALL OF GUYANA by Dave Martins 31. The Rio Olympics 2016 Live Streaming Video Links 32. Guyana Government News Brief August 9, 2016 33. Botlahle: SA Got Talent 2012- The Madiba (Nelson Mandela)

Poem video 34. Britains Got Talent Attraction shadow theatre group video

35. Commentary: Donald Trump is Losing it! By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

36. Guyana Consulate New York launches new website 37. Guyana National Grade Six Assessment 2016 Top 1%

Results 38. Guyana Latest News from various sources August 17, 2016 39. Simone Biles wins womens gymnastics Olympic gold in style 40. IWOKRAMA- Guyanas rainforest preservation 41. 2016 Guyana Cultural Association (GCA) Awards Honorees on

their 15th Anniversary 42. Guyana Family Day Washington DC August 21, 2016 43. Guyana: Old Georgetown, British Guiana pictures 44. Guyanese prepared foods and fruits in pictures + video 45. Profile: Bibi Rhaimoon Deonarine By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine 46. Guyana- Capitol TV News Videos 12 August 2016 47. That New York Times Video, Anti-Immigrant Racism And The

Trumpeteers 48. Botlahle: Age 11 Winner Of South Africas Talent 2012 3

videos 49. Queens College Alumni (NY) Labor Day Cooler Fete

September 4, 2016 50. Nostalgia Machine Popular music from 1960-2013 51. UN, CARICOM bid farewell to Guyanas ambassador to the UN-

George Talbot 52. Book Launch: Post Emancipation Villages of Guyana By Eusi

Kwayana August 21, 2016 53. BHS (Guyana) Alumni -Toronto Chapter Roots and Rhythms

Sep 24, 2016 54. Caribbean Steel Pan Music featuring Bob Lyons YouTube

mix 55. Guyana: Diaspora Times International July 2016 56. GUYANESE AUTHORS: Published Books 57. Brazil: Boa Vista: The Metropolis of the Savannahs 58. Dave Martins Tradewinds 46 songs/videos autoplay 59. Authoritarianism: Heres a Terrifying Truth: Trump Could Win 60. Guyana 50th Anniversary Canada Awards Gala Toronto

October 1, 2016 61. Profile: Verna Walcott-White- Dance is her Passion By Dr.

Dhanpaul Narine 62. School Answering Machine in Australia video funny! 63. What the Democrats Dont Get And Why It Could Cost Them

the Election 64. London: The Notting Hill Carnival 2013 slideshows 65. Guyanese Nurses Association of America Luncheon & Auction

October 15, 2016 66. Donald Trump has a totally plausible path to 270 electoral

votes 67. The 1823 Monument for martyrs of the 1823 Insurrection