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Guess Who?. See if you can guess who each person is. See if you can guess who each person is. If you guess after 1 clue, you win 10 points If you guess after 2 clues, you win 8 points If you guess after 3 clues, you win 6 points …and so on. Mystery Person 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Guess Who?

  • See if you can guess who each person is.

  • See if you can guess who each person is.

  • I was born in London in 1975My mother was a hairdresserI was paid $13 million to launch my own fragrance rangeI've played soccer in England, Spain, USA and ItalyI'm married to a Spice Girl

  • I am David Beckham

  • I was born in 1986 in New YorkMy real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina GermanottaMy debut album was called The FameMy songs include Telephone and Bad RomanceI'm famous for wearing incredibly over-the-top costumes

  • I am Lady Gaga

  • I was born in HawaiiI support Chicago White Sox baseball teamI am a world leaderI famously used the slogan "Yes we canI am the 44th President of the USA

  • I am Barack Obama

  • I am Supreme Governor of the Church of EnglandMy father was King George VI of EnglandMy children are Charles, Anne, Andrew and EdwardI keep corgi dogs as petsMy grandchildren include Princes William and Harry

  • I am Queen Elizabeth II of the UK

  • I was born in London in 1986I failed to make it as a model when I was a teenagerI was named 2010's Best Dressed Man by Glamour magazineI appeared in two Harry Potter moviesI'm best known as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies

  • I am Robert Pattinson

  • I died in June 2009I had 6 brothers and 3 sistersI was known as the "King of PopMy songs included Beat It, Man in the Mirror and Smooth CriminalI perfected the moonwalk

  • I am Michael Jackson

  • My middle name is MarieI appear on TV regularlyI am a vegetarian and a BuddhistI play the saxophoneMy brother's called Bart and my sister's called Maggie

  • I am Lisa Simpson

  • I worked as a tradesman for most of my lifeI was never marriedI lived for 33 yearsMy 3 years of public life have been studied in detail for thousands of yearsWhen people meet me, amazing things happen

  • Guess Who?