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<p>Gorilla Marketing</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Guerrilla MarketingRevolutionary Strategies &amp; Tactics </p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Who Are We?</p> <p>Julie Spear, COSCompliance &amp; Training Specialist; Kirkpatrick Management Co., Inc.</p> <p>Natalie Mabbitt, RCMRegional Property Manager; Kirkpatrick Management Co., Inc.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Sneak PreviewStep-By-Step Guerilla Strategies and Tactics to Developing a Marketing Plan Specific to Your CooperativeElements of the Marketing Plan Non-Traditional Marketing Ideas/ExamplesFair Housing Requirements</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Websters DefinitionMarketing The process or method of promoting, selling and distributing information to consumers and potential customers.</p> <p>Guerrilla MarketingMeans by which you can implement marketing ideas through low-cost, non-traditional , sometimes radical methods.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Marketingthe aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, that the product or service sells itself ~ Peter DruckerConsidered to be the master (some even say inventor) of marketing for the 20th Century</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>The 5 Ps of MarketingProduct</p> <p>Price</p> <p>Promotion</p> <p>Place</p> <p>People</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p> The ProductGuerilla StrategyPhysical Product - Size, Condition, Floorplans, Brand Identity- Pinpoint your One Thing? Features, Amenities, Quality, AtmomsphereYour Reputation: Good? Bad? or Indifferent?Logo Tie into Brand</p> <p>Guerilla TacticObjectively identify all aspects - good and bad.Emphasize PositivesSchedule necessary repairs and upgrades and set a timeline to correct all negative features identified.Distinguish your best features and the image you wish to project.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>The PriceGuerilla StrategyWhat can Target Market afford to pay?Monthly Carrying ChargesMembership Fee &amp; EquityUtilitiesWhat does your price include?Any Subsidy in place?Market Analysis</p> <p>Guerilla TacticStudy Area Median Incomes &amp; Any Income Limits.Analyze $/sq.ft for area rentals and home sales, which are competition.Is your equity payment an investment? Or does it compare to required deposits in your area?Calculate $ value of Utilities and Services included in your Housing Charges.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>The PromotionAdvertisingPublicitySalesPersonal SellingWord of MouthImage ManagementWebSocial Media</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p> The PlacePhysical Location includes all of the specific physical aspects of the propertyRelative Location emphasizes the location of the property in relationship to resident needs and desiresComparative Location how your property compares with other apartment communities with which you compete</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p> The PeopleOn-Site PersonnelContract WorkersMarketing Partners and VendorsBoard of DirectorsManagement Team</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Why a Marketing Plan?It requires you to produce a quantifiable analysis of the Cooperative, measuring strengths and weaknesses, develop a resident profile, and identify your market in a clear and objective way.It encourages effective use of resources and budgeting. Use as a tool to monitor and control marketing costs vs. results.A clear cut plan, implemented step by step, will produce the best results. </p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Because of Vacancy LossExample: 10 vacant units per month; carrying charges of $500 per month</p> <p>This is $5,000 worth of lost income in 1 month</p> <p>If all of these units remain vacant for an entire year your coop loses $60,000 annually</p> <p> This is money that can NEVER be recovered.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Step-By-Step to Your Marketing PlanStep #1: Purpose of Marketing EffortsStep # 2: Analyze Current MarketingStep #3: Identify Target MarketStep #4: Identify Your CompetitionStep #5: Select Marketing ElementsStep #6: Create a BudgetStep #7: Create a TimelineStep #8: Monitor the ResultsStep #9: Re-evaluate the Plan</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Step #1: PurposeWhat do you want to accomplish (goals)?</p> <p>Reduce vacancy/Build Waitlist?Create a more diverse community?Increase your value and Member return on equity?Decrease costly turnoversImprove desirability of your Brand</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Step #2: Analyze Current EffortsWhat are you doing now?What have you done in the past?What has worked the best?Have you measured efforts?Traffic Log DocumentAnalyze Statistics in Crime, Complaints, Turnover, Evictions</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Step #3 Identify Target MarketWho do you want to reach with your Marketing efforts?How do you determine who your target market is?Do you need to diversify your demographic?</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Positioning for the Target MarketDoes what you offer provide a benefit to your target customers needs?Will the benefit be perceived as real and meaningful?Does it truly separate you from the competition?Is it unique or difficult to copy?</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Understanding &amp; Tracking TrendsAverage Income / Median IncomeEmployment Growth/DeclineInterest RatesOverall Health of Real Estate MarketMilitary/Student PopulationsCrime Statistics</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Step #4: Identify your competitionIf a person is looking for housing in your area what other communities will they be looking at?What amenities do they offer?What is their cost per month?What does that monthly payment include?How are they marketing their community?Complete an annual market survey</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Step #5: Marketing ElementsElements of a Marketing Plan</p> <p>Curb AppealResident RetentionSite StaffCommunity OutreachLogo/SignagePrint AdvertisingWeb</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Curb AppealWhat Meets The Eye</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Curb Appeal Guerrilla StrategiesLawn Maintenance/LandscapeTrash Pick-UpWindow CoveringsPatio ConditionsNight-Time AppearanceSignageCondition of BuildingsParking Lots/DrivesNeighborhood EnvironmentMember Involvement</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Curb Appeal Guerrilla TacticsGrounds CommitteeCommunity Clean-Up Day/Beautification DayPartner College/University Horticultural StudentsMember ContestsCommunity Vegetable GardensSeasonal Plantings/DecorationsGive-Aways: Flowers, Outdoor DecorAreas for Benches, Cook-Outs, PicnickingNew Porch Lights, Mailboxes, Address #s, Shutters</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Resident RetentionFeeling At Home</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Membership Retention Necessary for Cooperative Survival?Reduces Turn Over Costs.Makes the Property Desirable.Allows for Realistic Budgeting.Affects the Bottom Line.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Member Retention Guerrilla StrategiesProvide your Members with Top-notch Customer ServiceCreate a schedule of tangible Incentives for Members to stay year after yearWhy throw precious Marketing resources at Prospects INSTEAD OF Existing Members?</p> <p>Respond promptly to Member complaints and concerns.Organize events designed to include your Members in their community.Give reasons for Members to get involved and experience a sense of belonging.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Member Retention Guerrilla TacticsCommunicationNewsletter/NoticesSocial MediaSurveyReward ProgramsReferral/Early BirdContestsAnnual Retention AwardCustomer ServiceMaintenance Dept.ManagementBoard of Directors</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Member Retention Guerrilla TacticsMore Resident Retention IDEAS</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Complaint ResolutionHelps Members to feel valued, validated and respected.Institute a policy requiring all complaints be submitted in writingRecord of Contact per HouseholdListen attentively, respond non-defensively.Require written follow-up on all complaints including those addressed in personConsider introducing a Moderator to settle disputes between Member households. </p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p> Site StaffYour First Line of Marketing</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Staff Professionalism: Office StaffFirst ImpressionAttitudeCommunity PrideKnowledgeFriendly DemeanorConfidentialityContinuing EducationFollow-up</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Telephone TechniqueGoal of the Prospect CallTo Create Interest in Your CommunityBuild a Rapport With the ProspectConvert the Call to an On-Site Visit</p> <p>Framework of the Prospect CallGreetingQualifyingPresentationClosing</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Guest CardCollect basic contact Information</p> <p>Be sure to document how the potential Member heard about the Cooperative</p> <p>Follow-Up with a phone call and/or thank you note</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>The DemonstrationAgain, you only get 1 chance to make a first impression, soStand UpMake Eye Contact Shake HandsAct InterestedMake Them Feel Welcome Model ApartmentTour CommunityOvercome Objections</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Staff Professionalism: Maintenance StaffSkilled WorkmanshipPersonal AttitudeFriendly MannerClean AppearanceConfidentialityProperty PridePride in Co-WorkersFollow-up</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Community OutreachMake Friends</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Informal NetworkingWorkplaceChurchPTO SchoolsSocial Organizations i.e. Union MeetingsLocal BusinessesVendors</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Formal NetworkingCity CouncilChamber of CommercePlanning CommissionLocal Housing AuthorityPolice/Fire Department</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Logo/SignageVisual Marketing Queue</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Before &amp; After</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Logo</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Print AdvertisingDo Judge a Book by Its Cover</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>RepresentationStationaryLetterheadEnvelopesBusiness CardsBrochureFloor PlansNewspaper AdvertisingMagazines/GuidesFlyers</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Good Advertising Can..Describe services &amp; feature benefits to new residentsAnnounce New or Upcoming ImprovementsInform Prospects of your Co-ops Community Involvement Get Involved!!Create awareness of your community with a new target audienceInform existing &amp; potential residents about events or special promotions</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Guerrilla TacticsSeasonal Special AdsOpen House/Announcement AdsTie ads in with Current EventsTrade Advertising with Local BusinessesMake your own flyers</p> <p>Do just enough to capture attention and bring them in. Then begin The Cooperative Difference education</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Fair Housing Marketing &amp; AdvertisingUse the Equal Housing Opportunity logo and statement properlyDisplay a fair housing posterAvoid inappropriate words in advertisingMaintain a log of all changes in eligibility criteria, rates, or other leasing policies</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>The WebBack to the Future</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Internet Users by AgeAge 18 to 34 37% of Total Users25-34 years = 23%18-24 years = 14%Age 35 to 54 49% of Total Users45-54 years = 17%35-44 years = 32%Age 55 to 65+ 14% of Total Users65+ years = 5%55-64 years = 9%</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>E-MarketingGetting the Lead From Your Website3-D Site PlansInteractive Site Plans With Area Businesses, Resources and AttractionsOnline Coupon / Specials3-D Floor PlansVirtual TourLink to site for Directions (Map Quest)Eligibility CriteriaOn-Line Application &amp; E-mail Link to Sales OfficeLinks to Your Social Media Pages</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>E-BrochureWhat Should It Include?</p> <p>Phone Number, Address, E-Mail, FaxFloor PlanPhotos/Visual StimuliAmenitiesOffice HoursCall To ActionLinks to Additional e-marketingLink to office e-mail</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>E-RetentionWork Order RequestsCommunity CalendarNewsletterRules &amp; RegulationsManagement CommunicationMembership SalesElectronic Payment OptionsSuggestion Box </p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Twitter LinkedInWordpressFlickrStumbleUponYouTube</p> <p>Social Media Options, options, options</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Social Media - FacebookNumber of Facebook users worldwide, greater than entire population of U.S.Over 75% of all internet users have social media pages, with facebook being the most used.4 out of 5 online Americans use social technology.</p> <p>Survey Says:4 out 93% of Facebook users believe a company should use social media85% of Facebook users believe that companies should also interact with their customers.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Social Media - Facebook Very user friendly and Easily MaintainedIf youre not on facebook yet you are missing the boat...Wide variety of uses and applicationsFREE!!!Use to positively influence your BrandEngage Prospects and Members with marketing and retention tools.Monitor uncensored conversations about your community.Instant feedback. </p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Social Media FacebookTips on setting up Your PageBe sure you create a Fan Page account. This type of account is specifically for business to promote their services, different from a private user page.If you select correctly, your Fans will Like you, NOT Friend you.</p> <p>Name your account the exact formal name of the community, as closely as possible. Helps Fans find you, and clearly describes your business.Your page should be a reflection of your business philosophy.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Social Media FacebookTips on setting up Your PageNext, select a profile picture that best expresses your Cooperatives personality.Then select more photos to display. Photos of people are the best attention grabbers.Be sure your Brand is well reflected.Profile picture will appear as a thumbnail image throughout site, and next to all comments and posts.Try to make your page visually appealing, with interesting content.</p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Social Media FacebookTips on setting up Your PageNext, select Add information to this page underneath the profile picture and fill in as much basic and detailed information as possible, to positively reflect your Co-op.Select links to any businesses and organizations you are associated with.</p> <p>Optimize performance by adjusting various controls in Edit Page.Finally, Select Publish and go public with your page!!You are now on Facebook.</p> <p>LIKE!!! </p> <p>Kirkpatrick Management Company. Inc.</p> <p>Social Media - Guerilla StrategyImplement a written Social Media Policy for Staff. Designate 1 2 people as Coordinators to insure content is kept appropriate, on-topic and relevant to your Marketing go...</p>