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2. joycechou2010 Research on a shoestring: You dont need a corporate expense account or a team of experts. Use what you have and observe the world around you. 3. Say you have a project on a mobile socialnetworking app... 4. joycechou2010 We dont need another Facebook, but then what do we need?Understand your parameters: 1. Your marketing stakeholder wants totarget young adults (18-34) 2. Your business strategy stakeholderwants to ensure that it is easyenough to learn for a mass market. 5. joycechou2010analogous experiences: Get to the heart of the matter1. Ask yourself, what isthis really about? Community Hangout spot2. Is there something thatpeople do already? Parking lot at Dunkin Donuts (hmm no, you need to also think about your client) Skate Park 6. joycechou2010 Open your eyes, and go out the door:Look for: Roles Relationships Crowded/ empty spaces Badges of affiliation Hierarchies of status Unique language 7. joycechou2010 Start out by looking at the big pictureThe environment shows you how people behave as a whole .The most tricks happen infront of the lunch tables Certain areas are respected as non-social 8. joycechou2010 You start to notice a patternPerformance and mentorship come up over and over again. Skaters spend asmuch time watchingothers skateThe best skaters have Advanced skaters teachCasual socializing beginsthe same helmet sticker and mentor in awith asking for tipsspontaneous way 9. joycechou2010 Now make it actionableTeaching space Your users : HIGH Socialize through teachingOPPORTUNITYSOCIAL Rely on a mix of different skill levels Hone their skills alone until they can performAudience Performance So, they need: NON- SOCIAL Clear marks of teacher expertise for learners Designated areas to switch into observation mode Practice spaces set apart from social areasPracticing space