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Example of an Appropriate InterviewGroup 7 Caitlin Nordin s0258158Bianca Webster s0243413Jaiden Stayt s0243092Helena Tramacchis0230120Katrine Sellar s0243214

Tidy, well-lit, comfortable and clutter free room.

Make sure the interview panel cant be disturbed during the interview.

Plenty of natural light and a comfortable temperature.

We selected our interview room due to enabling a level playing field in terms of accessibility, this adheres to the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

A confirmation email was sent to the applicant.

Applicant feels at ease.

Applicant started to develop a rapport with a panel member not only by the way she is greeted but also by the phone interview and the email that was sent before the interview had taken place.

Interview starts on time and the interviewees have ensured that the candidate is comfortable.

Asking a question like what attracted you to this job has also been seen to help the candidate to adjust to the environment (Pearce 2007 p. 21).

Notice the dress attire being neat, clean and conservative.

Applicant answered the question in relation to her work life.

Applicant is demonstrating her work ethic in a subtle way (OMB Human Resource Management Services 2015).

Within the next interview we will be demonstrating an inappropriate response to this question.

Panel members are asking a range of targeted questions addressing problem solving skills.

This is important because it allows the members to see how the applicant will handle certain situations, which enables them to analyse the candidate in a more extensive manner (Messmer 2000 p.10).

Notice the way the question are there any barriers that could hinder what hours you can work or your availability has been worded.

This question has avoided making any discriminatory assumptions, such as the candidate having any family responsibilities, which adheres to the non-discriminatory conditions in the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 .

This question allowed the applicant to offer information that she felt was necessary, without her feeling discriminated against or stereotyped.

All interviews, including those of unsuitable candidates, should be brought to polite and unhurried conclusions (Pearce 2007 p.21).

The candidate should be invited to ask further questions and these should be answered fully (Pearce 2007 p.21).

It is important to end an interview on a positive note because it can leave the candidate with a favourable impression of the company (Messmer 2000 p.11).

This can then lead to other professionals to apply for positions because of word-of-mouth (Messmer 2000 p.11).

It is best to evaluate the candidate as soon after the interview as possible.

The key to successful interviewing is to know the job, its requirements and what you are looking for (OMB Human Resource Management Services 2015).

Evaluation forms are used to analyse their applicants skills, abilities, and performance factors (OMB Human Resource Management Services 2015).

The evaluation form in turn then aids the members in hiring the right individual for the position.The interview did not breach any discriminatory Acts such as :

Age Discrimination Act 2004,

Disability Discrimination Act 1992,

Racial Discrimination Act 1992,

Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012,

This was done by strategically asking questions so that the candidate offered information freely and didnt feel as though her privacy was invaded nor felling stereotyped and discriminated against. ReferencesAustralian Human Rights Commission 2015,Australian discrimination laws, viewed 1 September 2015, network 2015, Dressing for Interviews, viewed 1 September 2015,, R, Morrissey, B & Nankervis, A 2014,Effective recruitment and selection practices, 6th edn, CCH Australia Limited, Sydney.McDermott, J 2015,Interviewing People - How to Set Up The Interview Room For Success, Blue Sky Interviews, viewed 3 September 2015,, M 2000, 'Conducting an Effective Interview', Strategic Finance, vol. 81, no. 10, pp. 10-12.OMB Human Resource Management Services 2015,The Interview: Recruitment and Selection: Management, viewed 1 September 2015, C 2007, Ten steps to conducting a selection interview, Nursing Management UK, vol. 14, no. 5.LegislationAge Discrimination Act 2004 (Cwlth)Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cwlth)Fair Work Act 2009 (Cwlth)Racial Discrimination Act 1992 (Cwlth)Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cwlth)