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  • 1. Informationarchitecture LESSON 3
  • 2. Site Content Try to get a mental image of what your site will look like with content on it Use this image to your advantage Gather the pieces for creating the structure and organization of the site.
  • 3. Site Content What content does the site need? What sort of functionality will be required? Pieces of content determine functionality
  • 4. Site Content Create a list of content and functional requirements to get a better picture of how your site will work Determine how you want your content grouped and labeled
  • 5. Content Requirement Identify Content and Functional Requirements Group and Label Content Design Document Content and Functions
  • 6. Identify Content and Functional RequirementsSTART 2 NEW LISTS: Content elements Functional requirementsCONTENT LIST CONTENT INVENTORY Gather information from everyone Determine the importance of each piece of content
  • 7. Identify Content and Functional RequirementsTYPE OF CONTENTS Static Dynamic Functional Transactional
  • 8. Identify Content and Functional RequirementsSTATIC CONTENT Copyrights notice Privacy statements Membership rules
  • 9. Identify Content andFunctional Requirements
  • 10. Group and Label Content
  • 11. Identify Content and Functional RequirementsFUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS Member logon pages Sign up pages (for email newsletter etc.) Pages that involve forms
  • 12. Identify Content andFunctional Requirements
  • 13. Identify Content and Functional RequirementsCONTENT INVENTORY Revise your list of functional requirements Think about the technology and skills needed to meet each requirements Rank the importance of each requirement, eliminate some if necessary
  • 14. Group and Label Content Important because it helps you organize your website. Allows you to have a more structured website.
  • 15. Group and Label Content Make sure to remember who is doing what. Discuss when done.
  • 16. Group and Label Content Compare and Contrast Pros and Cons
  • 17. Group and Label Content Once finished everyone should agree if the website is ready or not Ready = Go Not = Discuss more.
  • 18. Design Document Content and Functions Create a new chapter in your design document called Content and Functional Requirements Include and summary of the content inventory Add the list of functional requirements with a summary
  • 19. Design Document Content and Functions Content inventory should be included as an appendix to the design document
  • 20. Fin. HTTP://WWW.WEBMONKEY.COM/2010/02/INFORMATI ON_ARCHITECTURE_TUTORIAL_-_LESSON_3 Vi Tran 9-12 Prince Jackson 5-8 Nicholas Tegge 1-4 George Baso 14-17 Kahi Tai 13, 18-20


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