grönroos’ augmented service offering model. vr example

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  • 1. Grnroos augmented service offering model. VR example Mariia Kreposna

2. Journeys in 201269,400 11,100 VR Group personnel passenger services Track infrastructure engineering Transpoint logistics services Years on the market 150 3. Passenger service Onboard services Power sockets Restaurant cars Services for allergic passengers Services for the disabled Wireless Internet Motor cycles and snowmobiles Car transport Group Compartments Buying tickets On-line Machines Train stations On board Mobile App ENABLING SERVICES ENHANCING SERVICES 4. Factors that affect the Site accessibili ty Convenience Office hours The ease of getting appointment The size of a waiting room Employee s contributi on Number Skills Professionalism Billing procedure Types of payment Insurance Ease of customer participati on Instructions concerning procedures in which passengers must participate or do by themselves of the service accessibility 5. Services are based on the needs of different customer groups and aim at meeting clients needs. VRs Veturi customer loyalty scheme: website development of mobile application new restaurant car food 6. Interaction points Interaction with staff Helpdesk Buying tickets On-board staff On-line Interaction Send feedback Refunding Compensation Questions Data protection Joint development Veturi scheme has given passengers more power to have an impact on VRs services 7. Safety Eco friendly Responsibility Convenient Customer oriented Businessoriented For all groups of customers Green Cozy Make you feel at home Reasonable Reliable ProfessionalReasonable Reliable Easygoing Trustworthy Dependable Image 8. Animated Stonemen have formed the fundament of VR brand communication 9. Benefits comparing to other transport: Comfort of rail travel Fast journey times Convenient location of the station Safety of rail as a form of transport Eco-friendly choice Vast variety of destinations Stable competitive prices Discounts for specific groups of passengers Special offers Weaknesses: Stations close early and on weekends 10. Looking after customers during disruptions in services Services on trains Purchasing tickets and searching for information as a simple task International expansion Room for improvement 11. Sources: Grnroos, C. (2007), Service management and marketing: customer management in service competition, pp183-195.


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