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2. A grief counselor is someone who assesses mood and mental functioning. They provide end of life counseling to people dying and their families. They treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems consistent with the loss of a loved one. They can deal with someone who is dying or a bereaved survivor. *My preference would be to work with a bereaved survivor. WHAT IS A GRIEF COUNSELOR ? 3. Most of the time to become a grief counselor it requires graduate school. It helps to have a masters degree. It also requires at least five years of experience after college. HOW DO I BECOME A GRIEF COUNSELOR ? Percentage of Respondents Education Level Required 64 Master's degree 34 Bachelor's degree 1 Associate's degree 4. The median wages for this career is $19.27 (hourly) and 40,080 (annually). The most rewarding thing of all would be to help people be able to cope with everyday life and to help them be able to deal with grief properly. REWARDS Average Hospice Bereavement Counselor Salaries Median wages (2012) $19.27 hourly, $40,080 annual Employment (2012) 128,000 employees Projected growth (2012-2022) Much faster than average (22% or higher) Projected job openings (2012-2022) 64,000 5. DOES GRIEF REALLY HAVE AN AFFECT ON THE HUMAN BODY? 6. Grief can cause loss of appetite, heart palpations, lack of energy, weight gain or loss, compromises our immune system and can cause premature death. 7. I want to become a grief counselor because I know how it feels to face severe depression that comes from the death of a loved one alone. I reluctantly began to go and talk to a counselor and slowly I started to heal. I know the stigmas that people face when labeled as depressed. This caused me to change my major to psychology. I set out to help people during bereavement because I know how it feels. WHY A GRIEF COUNSELOR ? 8. To help people going through traumatic events grieve properly through the use of talking and coping skills. To help people live happier lives after the death of a loved one. VISION, MISSION AND PURPOSE STATEMENTS 9. Open Arms Hospice ( Greenville, SC) Hospice of The Upstate (Anderson, SC Thomas McAfee Funeral Home Support Group ( Greenville, SC) JOBS AVAILABLE IN THE UPSTATE 10. The American Academy of grief counseling offers different levels of credentialing. A masters degree isnt necessarily required to be a certified grief counselor if the degree obtained is related. An undergrad degree in psychology is enough. Voluntary certifications has to be done. This includes formal training, examination, and submission of a portfolio or projects. At least 60 contact hours are required for even the most basic certification. LICENSING PROCEDURES 11. I plan on working for DSS as after college to gain experience in counseling. DSS provides on the job training which will help me by learning from someone with experience. This will help me to get the contact hours I need and to build my portfolio. When I get all this finished I will then take the examination and submit my portfolio to be certified. 12. A grief counselor should be able to keep their emotions in check and maintain composure. It also requires being sensitive to others feelings and being understanding, Being able to listen and talk to people. SKILLS THAT A GRIEF COUNSELOR SHOULD HAVE 13. Most people think that grief is like the first graph that it will just get better with time but in reality the loss of a love one is something that will always be there like the second graph that is why it is beneficial for people to learn coping skills so that they can go on with everyday life.