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Search functionaliteiten

Search engines that focus specifically on the needs of end usersUser centered searchHelp the user in a limited wayOnly search what the user types inGive long lists with textual linksGive only exact matchesDo not think about what the user is really looking for

Traditional search engines

Is more user friendlyGives results adapted to user needs and situationGives personalized search resultsProvides search results in a visual and/or easy to use formatHelps the user to find what he is really looking for

User centered search

Trends in search3. Guided search4. Contextual information2. App integration1. Visual search


Show photos of search items/productsVisual structuring of information by color, shape and textEasy to scan and recognize items

Trend 1: Visual searchDirect or integrated access to relevant apps or toolsCombining information from apps to give richer and more relevant search resultsInformation in one place

Trend 2: App integration

Guides the user by showing results that are related to their search resultsGuidance by visually displayed termsStimulates the user to click aroundLets the user think of search terms he was looking for but could not remind

Trend 3: Guided search

Personalized information based on:LocationTimeFriendsPrevious searchesPreferencesOther data availableQuicker and more relevant resultsMakes it possible to give results the user is really looking for

Trend 4: Contextual information

Idea: To do something different from traditional search

Provides users with related and most common topics based on their search termProvides users with results they are looking for, but not always aware ofGuides users in the right directionGuides users visually

Easier, quicker and more fun to useExample: Pinterest guided search

Guided searchShows results that are most relevantBased on your own profile data LocationGender, age, educationFriendsLikesHelps to find the user something he doesnt know he is looking for

Easily find what/whom youre looking for

Example: Auto-complete by Facebook

Visual searchContextual informationIdea: An intelligent layer over the Internet that helps you get things done. Search, browse, and share in one place.

Search results are adapted to contextual information, such as location and friendsIntegrates available appsEasier scanning and selecting of results by visual search resultsSearch cards can be saved and shared

Contextual search that gives the right information all in one placeExample: Contextual search by Vurb

Visual searchContextual informationApp integrationIdea: The right information on the right moment

Becomes a personal assistant by planning next steps (route planning, make reservations, open apps)Search results are adapted to personal preferences and information and your current situationSearch results based on time and location

Personal search assistant that helpsto manage, search and organizeinformationExample: Google NowVisual searchContextual informationApp integration

It inspires and guides the user

It is fun to use!

Why have user centered search?

Lets the user finds what he is looking for

(and what he doesnt know he is looking for)

Gives personalized and relevant information

Visit or call 053-4800499GriDD can help you to make your search engine more user centered. Want to know more?

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