gridbloc comix & greetings mobile entertainment for rich-media devices and wap handsets, and clever...

Download GridBloc Comix & Greetings Mobile Entertainment for Rich-media Devices and WAP handsets, and clever technology, too

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  • GridBloc Comix & Greetings Mobile Entertainment for Rich-media Devices and WAP handsets, and clever technology, too.
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  • Leverage content from WAP to Rich-Media devices Multiple Languages for Global implementation Original characters and story lines Episodic and stand-alone adventures Builds data traffic and increases ARPU Extend game characters into new mobile realms Customizable for regional cultures, events and devices Own a Brand? Utilize GridBlocs expertise to extend and increase character awareness GridBloc Comix Mobile-friendly original content drives data traffic
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  • Pocket IE devices, such as Orange SPV & PocketPC Phones Sony Ericsson P800 Generates loads of data traffic Full-Color for rich-media devices GridBloc Comix (pocket IE)
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  • GridBloc Comix (WAP) Compliant with millions of WAP devices Episodic and standalone adventures Little bandwidth, Big fun!
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  • GridBloc Comix (multi-lingual) English, French, Spanish and Japanese Additional languages available soon Global and local resell opportunities Available in Four Languages and growing...
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  • GridBloc Greetings Mobile-to-mobile e-cards made possible by GridBlocs Mobile Share technology Content and Technology for License or Partnership Designed for Rich-Media devices such as O 2 XDA, Orange SPV, SE P800,T-Mobile Sidekick and others SMS with link notification, HTML delivery, no MMS Generates data traffic for Carriers Advertisement opportunities in delivered Greetings Multiple artists and brands available Easy, fast and fun for users
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  • GridBloc Greetings Content Cute, clever, trend-setting, and fun...
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  • GridBloc Greetings in B+W Cute, clever, trend-setting, and fun... (even in just one color!)
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  • GridBloc Greetings in Color Cute, clever, trend-setting, and fun...
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  • Web-to-Mobile (and back) simple simple simple! Weve made sending and replying to messages so easy. It only takes one click to reply to a GridBloc Greeting. And thats on a Mobile or Desktop PC!
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  • 1. Composing2. Sending 4. Replying 3. Retrieving GridBloc Greetings Method Rich-media device owners send and receive visual messages without MMS, and generate data traffic for carriers.
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  • MMS / WAP Push GridBloc Greetings are prime for porting to MMS or WAP- Push technologies as a Content showcase of the Technical ability of new handsets. The GridBloc Greetings system for now relies on clickable-links in SMS messages. While this feature is not supported on every mobile device, it is more widely supported than MMS or WAP-Push, especially when the need to configure MMS servers and WAP-Push permissions is factored in. More consumers are concerned with what they can do with new handsets, than how it is done. If you desire to show a fast, fun, and easy what with a MMS/WAP-Push how, GridBloc Greetings are the solution.
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  • Additional GridBloc Content GridBloc Game spans mobile-devices-to-desktops Phone Screens (T68, SPV, P800, etc) Logo screens (Nokia and others) SMS Greetings Icons for MSN Messenger, AOL IM, iChat & others PC Wallpapers PocketPC Themes And more! In addition to Comix and Greetings, GridBloc offers additional content to build data traffic and increase ARPU
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  • Additional Content Samples
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  • GridBloc, Inc. Information GridBloc, Inc. 1705 Guadalupe Street, Suite 300 Austin, Texas 78701 USA +1 (512) 322-0070