Greenhouse & Nursery Irrigation

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Greenhouse & Nursery Irrigation. Greenhouse Irrigation. Woodburn Area nurseries use 4 basic types of greenhouse irrigation systems Solid-set Sprinklers Overhead Spray Emitters Mist Systems Boom Spray. Greenhouse Irrigation. Solid-set Sprinklers Used for large volumes of water - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Greenhouse & Nursery Irrigation

Greenhouse & Nursery IrrigationGreenhouse IrrigationWoodburn Area nurseries use 4 basic types of greenhouse irrigation systemsSolid-set SprinklersOverhead Spray EmittersMist SystemsBoom SprayGreenhouse IrrigationSolid-set SprinklersUsed for large volumes of waterSuitable for established plants that can tolerate overhead watering with large droplets

Greenhouse IrrigationSolid-set SprinklersPrimarily used for containerized plants 4 and largerPlants with large leaves or canopies can block water

Greenhouse IrrigationMicrospray EmittersGreat for sensitive plantsAllows for precise watering

Greenhouse IrrigationMicrospray EmittersEfficient & accurateReduces waste Minimizes weed germination

Greenhouse IrrigationMist SystemsUsed mostly for cutting & seed propagationHigh humidityFrequent, short waterings

Greenhouse IrrigationBoom Spray SystemsLarge volumes of gentle sprayPrecise deliveryOften used on cuttings and annual production

Greenhouse IrrigationBoom Spray Sprinklers

Greenhouse IrrigationControllersAllow growers to schedule irrigationNew technology ties controllers to computers and smartphones

Greenhouse & Nursery IrrigationMost groundwater needs amending before being used for irrigationSand filters take out salts and other particulatesFertilizer injectors allow for even dosing with irrigation

Nursery IrrigationMost is done by overhead impact sprinklersSome microspray is used on sensitive plants or large-canopied trees

Nursery Irrigation

Nursery IrrigationLarge holding ponds are created to reduce the demand on groundwater

Nursery & Greenhouse IrrigationMany similarities in equipment existHowever, both are managed quite differently based on the needs of the plants & industry


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