green jobs and agriculture green today, jobs tomorrow conference may 11, 2009 james johnson,...

Download Green Jobs and Agriculture Green Today, Jobs Tomorrow Conference May 11, 2009 James Johnson, Director Environmental Stewardship Division Michigan Department

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  • Green Jobs and AgricultureGreen Today, Jobs Tomorrow ConferenceMay 11, 2009

    James Johnson, DirectorEnvironmental Stewardship Division Michigan Department of Agriculture

  • Agriculture:The Original Green JobsMovement from hunter-gatherers to farmers

    Approximately 10,000 -12,000 years ago

    Involved cultivation of wild grains and domestication of animals

  • ProductionFeed the family feed the tribe

    Feed the community feed the world

    Work/Responsibility Shift

  • Mechanization - Inputs

  • Environmental Impacts

  • Work Toward SustainabilityMichigan Department of AgricultureConservation and Environmental OrganizationsMichigan State University ExtensionUSDA NRCS (Soil Conservation Services)States Conservation DistrictsPrivate Consultants

  • Farm JobsAnimal CareAnimal NutritionNutrient ManagementAgronomy/HorticultureGlobal Positioning SystemsVeterinariansPublic Relations

  • MDA/Government JobsFood ScienceDairy ScienceBiologistsEcologistsHydrologistsSoil ScientistsAgronomistsAnimal ScienceEngineers

  • ProgramsConservation Districts Forestry Assistance Program (degreed forester)Nature Centers Interpreters/Educators/LaborersIrrigation Water Management System Evaluation/Scheduling

  • Pesticide and Plant Pest Management DivisionPesticide Section

  • Pesticide and Plant Pest Management DivisionPlant Industry Section

  • Animal Industry Division

  • Food & Dairy DivisionFood Section

  • Food & Dairy DivisionDairy Section

  • Trends Future Jobs