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<ul><li> 1. Welcome to our green city!</li></ul> <p> 2. Building our dream. 3. Its more beautiful than you had imagined. 4. Work, play and live green! 5. We must look after the environment . 6. We use solar energy. 7. Weve got solar panels at home. 8. We also use wind energy in our green city. 9. There are a lot of windmills around the city. 10. A noiseless city without noise pollution. 11. There are buildings with no more than fourfloors. 12. Our city is made with recycled building materials. 13. Its very original! 14. We use electric cars and public transport inorder to reduce the air pollution. 15. Furthermore, there are a lot of green areas in the city centre. 16. You can use our wonderful cycle lane.There is an accessible disabled car parking in the city centre. 17. We love animals. We look after them. 18. Residents are very happy living in our green city. 19. Products are environmentally friendly made in ourlocal farms. 20. We use hydraulic energy in our farms. 21. We grow free range chickens because we respect animal rights. 22. Weve got different coloured bins for recycling. 23. There are a lot of things to do. You never get bored! 24. Education is very important and necessary intodays world. There are high quality schools in our city. 25. There are lovely hotels where you can stay if you want to visit us. 26. You can find easy access to the car park andfacilities for customers with disabilities. 27. You are always welcome to our green city!</p>