greedy grooms - dowry issue in pakistan

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Greedy grooms Hunger for Dowry (A Short documentary)

Greedy groomsHunger for Dowry(A Short documentary)By: Asma Aslam dc150400057Submitted to: Nadia SaleemPGD in TV ProductionVirtual University Pakistan

1. Brainstorming1st assignmentFirst stage of documentary to start the project.

1. Brainstorming (1)Approval of Topic on dowry issueMajor issue in Pakistan & developing countries before & after weddingUnnecessary burden of wealth on parents of daughters A shortcut way to earn money by groomsBoys parents are looking for rich bridesBoys are becoming greedy in the name of marriage

1. Brainstorming (2)dowry in Islam and non-Islamic countriesIn Islam, the amount of Mahar was 87% higher than the dowry amount, at Fatimah(R.A)s wedding.In developed countries, parents dont arrange marriages for their childrenTo loving someone means to getting married in future --- not for lust or for time passNo concept of looting brides in developed countries, because men are independentWedding is the name of love for two people by living together legally

2. Scriptwriting 2nd assignmentStage 2 of documentary, based of 4 steps:ExpositionComplicationsClimaxResolution

2.Script Writing1.ExpositionWedding gifts are common all over the worldNo concept of expensive wedding in IslamBegging or expecting dowry is not allowed in IslamWedding is not a businessWedding does not mean to sell a man for dowry

2. Script Writing 2. complications (1)

Without dowry, a wedding is incomplete in underdeveloped countries. E.g. PakistanDowry is more important than bride for grooms in some countriesConcept of dowry has ended in developed countriesThe grooms of developing countries only asking for rich brides

2. Script Writing2.complications (2)UnemploymentCorruption while hiring candidatesLack of Islamic knowledgeNo role of teachers in this regardPoor traditions regarding marriageNo role of Islamic scholars for their followersIncrease in lusty affairs in Pakistan

1. Script Writing2. complication (3)different forms of dowryIn Pakistan, 95 % people give dowryIn India, brides are punished in every hour for not bringing enough dowryDowry items vary from jewelry, clothes, furniture, crockery, property, vehiclesDemand for professional, rich, green card holder girls is very highGifts for in-laws is also a part of dowry

2. Script writing2.complication-dowry in Pakistan

2.Script writing3.climax- dowry in the world

2. Script writing3. climax Dowry in islam

3.Script writing3. climax Dowry in Developed countries

3.Script writing3. climax Results of Greedy WeddingsNo sincerity & love after marriagesCheatings of partnersHidden relationships for loveViolence at homeProblems with in lawsNo peace at homesCouples live a materialistic life

2. Script writing4.Resolution education about dowryIslamic scholars should educate their followers about dowry victimsTeachers should teach the children about dowry greedMedia persons should high light this issue for resolutionPoliticians should make strict policies against this curse.Knowing the difference b/w love and lust

Execution / Pre production3rd assignmentDialogues writingParticipants of charactersVideo making Images and videos from internet

Execution (1) Dialogues writing for video 1

Execution (2) Dialogues writing for video 2

Execution (3) Dialogues writing for video 3

Execution (4) Dialogues writing for video 4

Execution (5) Participants from vu Faisalabad campusWahab Ahmed (BS Software Engineering)Taimur (BA Mass Communication)Zaheer Ahmed (BS Computer Science)Mobeen Rasul (MCS)Moaz Ahmed (BS Software Engineering)Shenila Abbas (BSc Computer ScienceMaham Zaib (BS Mass Communication)Shajiyah Zahra Alvi (BA Mass Communication)

Execution (6)Internet resurseImages from from of Mufti Menk, Saad Tasleem and Dr. Zakir Naik from

Post production4th assignmentEditing final video

4-Post productionUse of tools for final projectI used free software for final project:Snagit editor for videosPaint for photo Editing & croppingMp3cut.cut for background music cutQ mobile for voice recording (Voice over)Uptempo background music Windows movie maker for final video

4-Post productionsteps for final VideoImported videos and images from my computer folderImported my recorded voice in mp3 format according to the images and videos formatImported background music Did not use visual and animation effects to look decentExported the video in mp4 format in the end

Problems during projectAdobe Premier and Final Cut Pro could not run in my system / laptopI had no information that how to record voice over. ---- Thats why I used phoneI also used Filmora and Wedeo software online for final editing for experience