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Greece and Rome Review. Do Now. Please complete the Student Survey on the black cart When you have finished, open your notes (a notebook or Evernote ) and write down 2-3 things you remember about Ancient Greece. Looking Forward. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Greece and Rome Review

Greece and Rome ReviewDo NowPlease complete the Student Survey on the black cart

When you have finished, open your notes (a notebook or Evernote) and write down 2-3 things you remember about Ancient GreeceLooking ForwardTonights Homework: If you havent yet, bring me the Parent Survey by MondayAncient Greece

Mainland nationSurrounded by waterEconomy: fishermenHomer, The Odyssey and The Iliad


Rule by the peopleAll adult males (non-slaves) could participate in governmentDirect democracy: everyone participates in a big meetingEffective? Ineffective?How has that impacted the way we govern today?Upcoming Class ProjectTopic: Greek DemocracyWritten Report?Play?KeyNote?Presentation?Democracy should rule!Only Ecclesia members may discuss and vote

DemocracyHow was this or wasnt this a democratic way to choose a project?What part of this classroom was totally left out of the discussion?How is that similar to or different from democracy today?

Other Things About GreeceReligion: polytheistic(believed in many gods)Language: GreekHistorians, mathematicians, scientists, philosophersArt, music, sculpture, architectureSelect one station and learn more about Ancient GreeceKeep notes If you finish early, choose another station10 minutesExit SlipWhich characteristic of Ancient Greece has had the biggest impact on your life today? Why?

Write one full paragraph (5-8 sentences) and submit over Edmodo

Day 2RomeDo NowCongratulations!You have just discovered a new land and have founded a new country!

In your notebook, write at least 5 sentences describing what type of government you will set up in your new country.Will you have a King or a President? (or something else!)Who will make decisions? How will those decisions be made?Will people be represented in government? Why or why not? How? Looking ForwardParent Survey by next MondayRecap: Ancient GreeceWhat type of government did they have? How is that similar to or different from modern American government?What else do you know about Ancient Greece?Based on these things that you know, what conclusions can you make about what was valued by Ancient Greeks?Character traits?Behaviors?Religious characteristics?

Ancient Rome

Military mightSocial structure:Patricians (wealthy)Plebians (poor)Economics: agricultureArchitect, art, sculpture, theatre, science, mathematicsFamous Romans: Julius Caesar, Augustine, Map of the Ancient World

The Roman SenateRepublic: Rule by the few300 Senators chosen from the Patrician classIf the wealthy rule, how are the poor treated?

Todays SimulationEach group represents a powerful patrician family in the Roman SenateGoal: be on the winning side of the votesForming alliances and bribing are okayMoney:Each family will start with a certain amount of money. Keep track of it as you are dealing with othersYou may use your money to complete any of these actions:Purchase a bodyguard ($1) protects 1 member from 1 assassination attemptAssassinate a member of a family ($30) eliminates a member of a rival family, preventing them from votingBuy an extra vote ($20) gives you one extra vote in that roundVoting TopicsExpand the SenateAid for the Poor/ rioting because of lack of foodBuild a new water system and roadElect Caesar for lifeInvade GermaniaOverthrow CaesarDisband the XII LegionStop and ThinkWhat doesnt seem to work with this government system?Why might the Romans have felt that a single ruler was the solution to their problems?Where does the power lie in a system such as the Roman Senate?How can we improve this simulation for the next group?Post-Roman EmpireFall of the Roman Empire (476) = Beginning of the Dark AgesRise of centralized KingdomsOne king, strong monarchy, lots of powerHoly Roman Empire, France, EnglandCorruption in the monarchiesPower in the Catholic Church

Exit SlipWrite one full paragraph (5-8 sentences) to answer this question:

What characteristics of Roman government are similar to those of our own governments today? How does our own government system differ from that of the Romans?Day 3Catholic ChurchDo NowAll things were under its controlnothing could escape its powerThis quote talking about which Medieval institution:The Roman EmpireThe Catholic ChurchThe VikingsThe American Constitution

In your notes, make an argument for which medieval institution you think this quote is talking aboutThe Catholic ChurchWhat do you know about the Catholic Church?Turn and talk to a partner, and write down anything you do know about the Catholic Church

What is confusing about the Catholic Church?Turn and talk to a partner and come up with 3 questions you have about the Catholic ChurchStation WorkPull up the Medieval Church Stations worksheet on EdmodoBeginning with Station 1, scan the QR code at each station to answer the questions on your worksheetBefore you move on to the next station, check your answers with Ms. KealeIndependent work time = music timeRecapping the Catholic ChurchWhat are some basic beliefs of Catholics?Who are monks and nuns? What do they do?How did it gain so much power?Was the Church corrupt? If so, how? Why?