greater detroit eid al- adha carnival 2008

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Greater Detroit Eid al- Adha Carnival 2008. Schedule 11:00am – Event Opens 12:30pm – Zuhr Prayer* (Back of Hall) 1:00pm – Allah Made Me Funny**(A1) 1:15pm – Allah Made Me Funny** (A2) 3:00pm – seven8six live concert (Hall) 4:00pm – ‘ Asr Prayer* (Back of Hall) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Greater Detroit Eid al-Adha Carnival 2008

Greater Detroit Eid al-Adha Carnival 2008Schedule

11:00am Event Opens12:30pm Zuhr Prayer* (Back of Hall)1:00pm Allah Made Me Funny**(A1)1:15pm Allah Made Me Funny** (A2)3:00pm seven8six live concert (Hall)4:00pm Asr Prayer* (Back of Hall)5:02pm Maghrib Prayer* (Back of Hall)5:30pm Allah Made Me Funny** (A1)5:45pm Allah Made Me Funny** (A2)7pm Event Closes

*Rides/Inflatables will be shut down**Approximate Running time of 75 min.

NOTE: Please visit the logistics office for emergencies or lost children.

Allah Made Me Funny (Down the Hall in A1 & A2)Prayer AreaCarnival RidesCarnival RidesInflatables (Bounce)Inflatables (Challenge)Inflatables(Skills)Inflatables (Interactive)FoodVendorsVendorsDining Area786LogisticsFoodFoodRestroomsRestroomsEnterwww.eidcarnivaldetroit.com1Thank you to our sponsors!CAIR Michigan www.cairmich.webnode.com248.559.CAIR

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