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  • GREAT ROOFING starts with a strong foundation

  • C.L. Burks Construction has completed

    over 100 retail projects. We have

    provided roofing services for virtually

    all major owners and REITS. Careful

    consideration is given to reducing the

    presence of a roofing project. We believe

    that a successful project is defined by

    pre-planning, self-evaluation, lack of

    safety incidents and complaints.

    difference THE c.l. burks

    we know retail

    Mitigate operational disruptions We work around you and your tenants’ schedules to ensure minimal disruption to normal business operations. Assessing and mitigating the risks that accompany large, complicated projects is a specialty of ours.

    Protect the best interests of the tenants We understand that your tenants are a top priority. We always have your back – even it if isn’t part of the job, we make it part of our responsibility to protect the interests of your tenants as well.

    Safety Assessing and mitigating the risks that accompany large, complicated projects is one of our specialties. We stay a step ahead when it comes to safety, and maintain any safety compliance claims needed.

    Cleanliness The team at C.L. Burks prides itself on providing the utmost care and caution for your facility, contents and safety. We believe our cleanliness is a direct reflection of our professionalism.

    Documentation (tracking & reporting) From inception to completion, our clients receive detailed and timely reporting to track the progress of the project. We’ll provide photographs, status updates, and any pertinent updates that you should be aware of. INGLES







  • Maintenance

    who we’ve done it for

    & Repair

    Advanced training and experience in

    repairing built-up, modified, single-ply,

    and /or metal roofs

    Able to tailor services, reporting manner

    and format to meet customer’s needs

    Management team and technical

    support provided when a customer is

    faced with a “repair or replace decision”

    Timely response during emergencies

    such as storms or fires

    C.L. Burks Construction operates as a full-service firm by offering a Maintenance and Repair Department with a dedicated and fully trained staff.

    “C.L. Burks is a great partner to Phillips Edison

    & Company throughout the Southeast. The

    knowledgeable team you have has helped with minor

    repairs to new installation, and even the occasional odd

    request. You are my go to resource for any roof issue,

    or related question. I always trust that I will get the best

    options, and timely work from C.L. Burks. I look forward

    to our continued partnership in the future.”

    Tracey Hall

    Director of Property Management

    Phillips Edison & Company

    “C.L. Burks is currently the primary roof

    replacement contractor for Ingles Markets, Inc.

    We are extremely pleased with their competitive

    pricing, response time, workmanship, customer

    service, and integrity. Should you choose to

    employ their services, we believe you also would

    find their work and customer service to be


    Jeff Blakenship

    Real Estate Maintenance

    Ingles Markets, Inc.

    SERVICES Re-roofing


    New Construction

    Deck Replacement

    Roof Maintenance & Repairs

    Caulking & Sealing

    Deck, Wall, & Elastrometic Coatings

    Wet Glazing

    Water Repellents

    Fountain Waterproofing

    Stucco, EIFs, and Brick Repair

    Retroactive Caulking, Sealants, and Coatings for leaky areas

    preventative & restorative

    waterproofing C.L. Burks offers high-quality waterproofing

    services to commercial clients throughout the

    Southeast. We provide preventative services

    to help protect your building and restorative

    services to repair any level of water damage.

    Our offerings include:

  • 7550 Industrial Court Alpharetta, GA 30004

    Phone: 800-969-2875 | Fax: 404-350-1604

    Are you ready to transform your commercial building with a high-quality roofing or

    waterproofing project? The experts at C.L. Burks have got you covered.