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  1. 1. Great Ideas on Making Contemporary Kitchen Renovation What will be your reply if someone asks how whether your kitchen is well designed or not? We assume that most of you will say, Yes, it is. In such cases, our next query will be how do you define well designed. Now we know that we will receive various answers to this query. While some of you will say that well designed kitchen is one that is a part of Modern House Designs, others will reply that it implies an elaborately decorated kitchen. Nevertheless, we have different suggestion to share. We would like to tell that well designed kitchen renovation implies keeping this culinary center of your house clutter free and sorted out. Now, after hearing this if you conclude that your kitchen is not well designed then we have a few tips to revamp it. Implement them carefully and see the magical outcome.
  2. 2. Create Cabinets For Storage The key rule of a well designed kitchen is that you should keep it clutter free. For that, you have to conceal all your cups, saucers, jars, canisters, cutlery, and other kitchen utilities inside the closed doors of different storage units. Thus, your first duty towards developing a well designed kitchen is to ask the service provider to install chambers and cabinets of different shapes and sizes in its walls. The resultant will be absolutely clutter free and clean look in your kitchen. Create Space With Mirrors Whether you have a small kitchen or a big one, adding some extra space will always make it look good. However, you hardly have any option for that because the space available in the kitchen is fixed. The only way out in such situations is to install mirror on the front doors of the cabinet. Since mirrors have reflecting property, they will add virtual depth to your kitchen.
  3. 3. Determine The Accurate Cabinet Size You have to make decisions about the accurate cabinet sizes. We are giving this suggestion because most people make cabinets that leave spaces on their tops. With time, the cabinet tops become dens of dust and dirt. Thus, a great way of preventing this simultaneously with making your kitchen look modern and well designed is to make the chambers and closets reach as high as the ceiling. As there will not be any gap in between the tops of the closers and the ceilings, the chances of dirt and dust accumulation can also be prevented to a greater extent. At the same time, this idea will allow you to store more kitchen utilities onside your chambers. High Gloss Finish Works Well Opt for high gloss paints and polishes instead of the dull paints. Glossy finishes give a spell of spaciousness and add contemporary look to your kitchen. CONTACT US : 15356 Fraser Hwy, Surrey BC V3R 3P5 Call : 604 604 694 6873 Website: